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Fortnite season 7, week 9 challenge guide: Pop 10 golden balloons

Party like it's the gilded age and pop 10 golden balloons in this week's challenge

The Fortnite season 7, week 9 challenges are now upon us. This is the second to last week of this long and snowy seventh season of Battle Royale, and we were surprised to find that most of the obstacles you’ll face this week are new and fairly difficult.

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It seems that Epic Games isn’t letting up after the awesome Ice Storm Limited Time Event last week and the Marshmello live concert event this week, which is great news if you enjoy a bit of a challenge. Time will tell if week 10 will also end strongly but for now, let’s focus on one of the most fun and distinct challenges Fortnite players will be tackling this week — pop 10 golden balloons.

Fortnite season 7, week 9 challenges explained

fortnite golden balloons fortnite week 9 challenges

There are a total of seven challenges to take on with their own separate rewards and if you’re curious about what the challenges are and the rewards, check the screenshot above. There are three challenges that are for everyone, and that includes free players. At the same time, there are four challenges that are only for Battle Pass owners.

If you don’t already have a Battle Pass for this season, well, you’re probably better off saving your hard-earned money for season eight. Unfortunately, the biggest challenges this week are on the Battle Pass exclusive side of things. However, if you are a free player, there are some extra Showtime challenges available this week that you should check out. But this guide is for one of the most difficult challenges this week, which tasks you to pop 10 golden balloons.

Fortnite pop 10 golden balloons challenge explained

fortnite golden balloons fortnite week 9 challenges

Unlike the other challenges, this one is pretty unique from what we’ve seen recently. You’ll be looking for and popping 10 golden balloons on the map. These can’t be just any old balloons; they have to be nice, sparkly gold ones.

Also, there are 10 balloons in total which is a pretty high number. While you can get a few in each match, this will probably take a couple of matches to complete. Because of this, you want to complete this in whatever big team mode is available in Battle Royale currently. For us, it’s Team Rumble once again. This mode pits around 20 players on both teams against each other to see which team can get 100 kills first.

It’s a fairly lengthy mode with a nice window of opportunity at the start before the storm completely closes in. This gives you time to get in there and pop as many golden balloons as you possibly can, and it always helps when you have fewer enemies to worry about and teammates to watch your back. So, grab some friends who need this challenge too, and let’s get started.

Fortnite golden balloons locations

fortnite golden balloons fortnite week 9 challenges

For the most part, you can find the golden balloons all across the Battle Royale map. In fact, there are actually much more than 10 of them to find. This is good because it means you have plenty of choices when it comes to where you can go, especially if the Battle Bus limits your landing zone. So far, we’ve found around 20 or so golden balloons on the map and there’s probably more.

The golden balloons seem to be located primarily in named areas of the map, at least most are. There is usually only one balloon per location and it can take quite a bit of time to find them. That’s where we come in. Here are our recommendations for where to find and pop these 10 golden balloons in Fortnite.

Fortnite golden balloons location: Wailing Woods

fortnite golden balloons fortnite week 9 challenges

There are quite a few balloons in the eastern half of the Battle Royale map so that’s where we recommend going for this challenge. Let’s start at the very top of the map and make our way downward. Most locations only have one golden balloon but Wailing Woods is the exception.

The first can be found northeast of Wailing Woods, just past the forest. Its exact location on the Battle Royale grid is right on the border of the I2 and J2 squares. This golden balloon can be found at the very top of the brick fort. Climb the ramps and stairs to the top, and find it on top of the roof. You can either shoot it to pop it, or build a ramp up and hit with your ax.

fortnite golden balloons fortnite week 9 challenges

The second golden balloon near Wailing Woods is just southeast of the first one. It is also along the edge of the cliff overlooking the ocean. It’s actually in a spot that we needed to visit for last week’s big challenge guide — right on top of the big truck that’s about to fall off the edge of the map. We recommend you shoot this one because of its, well, precarious situation.

Fortnite golden balloons location: Tomato Temple

fortnite golden balloons fortnite week 9 challenges

The next one will take inland to Tomato Temple, located southwest of Wailing Woods and almost directly west of the previous spot we just visited. When you get to Tomato Temple, head to the northern side of it, specifically, the northwestern side.

When you get there, look for the little tower building that is seen in the screenshot above. The balloon is on top of that tower so it can be hard to reach it. We recommend shooting this one as well. Now, there’s another golden balloon in this area but it isn’t really close to any of the locations.

fortnite golden balloons fortnite week 9 challenges

It’s in between Tomato Temple, Wailing Woods, Lonely Lodge, Retail Row, and Dusty Divot. Found right by the unnamed area that is southeast of Tomato Temple. Just south of the unnamed area are some utility towers. On top of one of them is the next golden balloon. As you can see, we accidentally shot it just as we were grabbing the screenshot but it’s right where we are aiming.

Fortnite golden balloons location: Dusty Divot

fortnite golden balloons fortnite week 9 challenges

Next up, we need to head to Dusty Divot, just to the southwest of the previous location we visited, right into the middle of Dusty Divot and its crater. This golden balloon can be found just south of the “t” and “y” in Dusty on the map. There is a building here that has a balloon right on top of it. It can be kind of hard to see since it’s right in between the building underneath it and the big tree over it.

Fortnite golden balloons location: Salty Springs

fortnite golden balloons fortnite week 9 challenges

Continue south but this time to the northwestern edge of Salty Springs. There is one last house on the edge of the town that has a wooden fence around it. Head to the west side of the house and fence, and you will find the next balloon on top of the fence.

Fortnite golden balloons location: Fatal Fields

fortnite golden balloons fortnite week 9 challenges

Continue further south to Fatal Fields. This one is really easy to spot since it is right in the middle of the fields. Head to the center and you will find this golden balloon on top of the windmill. It can be a little tough to reach so either build a ramp to hit it or shoot from afar.

Fortnite golden balloons location: Desert

fortnite golden balloons fortnite week 9 challenges

Now, there are three golden balloons in total that can be found in the desert on the southeastern part of the Battle Royale map. The first is to the southeast of the Fatal Fields balloon. There is a little oasis of sorts that is near the border between the grassy areas and the desert. There is a boat in the middle of the water that contains a chest and a balloon.

fortnite golden balloons fortnite week 9 challenges

There is a second golden balloon in the desert almost directly east from here. It is right along the main road and can be found in the hands of the t-rex standing there.

Fortnite golden balloons location: Paradise Palms

fortnite golden balloons fortnite week 9 challenges

The third and final balloon in the desert is found near Paradise Palms, directly east and right near the edge by the ocean. There is a house here and the last golden balloon is in a wagon to the west of the house in a field surrounded by a fence. Hit it or shoot it to finish this challenge.

Fortnite pop 10 golden balloons reward

Fortnite season 7 feature image scoped revolver combat

The reward for completing this the ‘pop 10 golden balloons’ challenge is five battle stars. It may not be a lot, but it is enough to guarantee half a tier level up.

Check out our previous week’s challenge guide and level up a tier or two before season 7 ends.

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