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Fortnite season 7, week 8 challenge guide: Search a hatch, rock lady, and flatbed

Find the hidden Battle star with our 'Fortnite' weekly challenge guide

The snowy winter chills are continuing in the Battle Royale map as we head into the Fortnite week eight challenges. That’s right, the wintery season seven will be coming to a close in just a couple of weeks and Epic Games is making sure the season finishes on a high note. After a pretty lackluster set of challenges last week, this week’s challenges are much more interesting and fun.

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In addition, the entire Battle Royale map is now covered in snow. Yes, this includes the desert in the southeast. That’s not all. The Fortnite Ice Storm limited time event is happening this week alongside the normal week eight challenges. Needless to say, it’s a big week for Battle Royale players.

Fortnite week eight challenges explained

fortnite search between a mysterious hatch fortnite week 8 challenges

But we know you’re here for the season seven, week eight challenges this week. Like usual, there are a total of seven challenges for players to take on. You can find all of them in the screenshot above. Of course, there are three free challenges this week that any player can take on while there are four challenges that only players who own the season seven Battle Pass can complete.

Thankfully, the biggest obstacle you’ll face this week isn’t one of the four that are exclusive to season pass owners. This is especially surprising considering it’s the Search Between a Mysterious Hatch challenge and typically, the hidden battle star challenges are only for players who own the Battle Pass for the season. It is odd to see this challenge available to everyone, especially when it wasn’t a couple of weeks ago, but we aren’t complaining!

Fortnite search between a mysterious hatch, rock lady, and flatbed explained

fortnite search between a mysterious hatch fortnite week 8 challenges

We thought that the hidden battle star challenge a few weeks ago was weird but this one tops it in both oddity and mystery. The full title for this week eight challenge is to search between a mysterious hatch, a giant rock lady, and a precarious flatbed. Talk about a mouthful. Like the last time we did this, your objective is very simple: look for the hidden battle star found in between these three items.

It’s worth noting that the challenge doesn’t complete when you find these bizarre locations but only when you find the center point between all of them. We are going to guide you to the three specified locations and to the battlestar location, too. This is great for players who want to see the three locations and figure it out on their own, but also good for players who just want the solution.

If you’re looking for the solution alone, go ahead and skip to the bottom. If you’re like us and want a step by step guide, then continue onward. We recommend that you do this season seven, week eight challenge in the Team Rumble mode or whichever big team mode is available for you currently.

You want to do this because you’ll have fewer enemies to worry about and more teammates to watch your back. Of course, you can also grab a few friends and do this challenge together as a team. Thankfully, you don’t have to do this challenge in the normal solo, duos, and squads modes which is the case with the Ice Storm challenges this week.

Fortnite mysterious hatch location

fortnite search between a mysterious hatch fortnite week 8 challenges

First up, we need to find the mysterious hatch location. Thankfully, like the last time we did this, the three locations are relatively close to one another. You can certainly find all three spots and the hidden battle star between all of them in the same match. Start by heading to the Wailing Woods and Lonely Lodge locations to find these three spots.

The first one up is the mysterious hatch. This is by far the most noteworthy of the three locations and one that you may already know of. That’s right, we’re talking about the mysterious hatch in Wailing Woods that still remains an enigma after all of these seasons and months. Its exact location can be found northeast of the maze in the middle of Wailing Woods.

The exact square that you need to visit on the Battle Royale grid is in I3. It is right on the northern edge of the woods but in the middle of the trees. You can see its exact spot on the map and what it looks like in our screenshot above. With the first location found, it’s time to head to the next spot, which is the giant rock lady.

Fortnite giant rock lady location

fortnite search between a mysterious hatch fortnite week 8 challenges

Next up is the giant rock lady location. This is certainly not as famous of a spot as the mysterious hatch so we don’t blame you if you aren’t familiar with this statue. It’s the southernmost location that we need to visit in this area. It can be found slightly southeast of the mysterious hatch. Look for the hill on the outskirts of the Wailing Woods, southeast of the location.

Unless you have a glider or land here, you are most likely going to use a couple of ramps to get to the top of this hill. Atop the small hill is the giant rock lady statue, which you can see in the screenshot above. Make note that the giant rock lady is facing to the north/northeast. This hints at the direction you will want to look for the battle star.

With this second area found, there is only one more location that we will need to find in order to solve this puzzle. We’ve covered the northwest and south/southeast, so the only area left to explore is the eastern section of this small area.

Fortnite precarious flatbed location

fortnite search between a mysterious hatch fortnite week 8 challenges

If you are coming from the location of the giant rock lady, you want to head slightly northeast to find the third and final monument. This is also the most peculiar location we need to go to and its name kind of gives us a hint as to what it is. By the name flatbed, it’s easy to assume it must be a truck of some sort but that’s actually true.

Head northeast of the last location. The precarious flatbed can be found directly east of the maze in Wailing Woods. It’s actually fairly easy to find because all you need to do is head east to the very edge of the cliff by the sea.

Here, you will find a flatbed truck that happens to be in a precarious situation. The precarious situation is that the flatbed is on the verge of falling off the cliff. Note that it is facing west/southwest. With this final location found, it’s time to start connecting the dots and figure out where this hidden battle star is located.

Fortnite hidden battle star location

fortnite search between a mysterious hatch fortnite week 8 challenges

We visited three locations. The mysterious hatch in the northwest, the giant rock lady in the southwest/south, and the precarious flatbed to the east. We need to figure out what the location is in between all of them and find that place. After all, this isn’t a challenge where you need to visit these areas but, instead, you need to find the hidden battle star in between them.

If you are find the intersection of these three spots, you’ll find the hidden battle star located on the small hill that is just northeast of the giant rock lady’s hill. It’s a little to the southeast of the mysterious hatch and directly west of the precarious flatbed. That small hill can be seen on the map and is your final destination.

You will need to walk to the center of the small hill to find the hidden battle star. It will only appear when you’re nearly on top of it. Once you see it, all you need to do is hold down the required button to collect it. From there, you can leave the match if you’d like.

Fortnite search between a mysterious hatch reward

fortnite search between a mysterious hatch fortnite week 8 challenges

Your reward for completing this season seven, week eight challenge is a simple one. You get yourself a total of 10 battle stars, which is much better than most challenges. That is enough to guarantee at least one tier level up, which you will definitely want if you’re looking to get to tier 100 before season seven ends.

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