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Fortnite season 7, week 3 challenge guide: Search between 3 ski lodges

Don your best winter Fortnite skin and let's search between the three ski lodges

Fortnite Season 7 Week 3 challenges | search between 3 ski lodges
Image used with permission by copyright holder

Fortnite season seven continues on during this holiday season with the week three challenges this week. There are seven new challenges to take on that really get players in the festive mood.

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There is one particular challenge, search between 3 ski lodges, that is not only in the holiday spirit but also takes Battle Royale players on a nice trip.

So, strap on your winter boots, grab your favorite Battle Royale winter skin, and let’s head out to the three ski resorts we need to visit.

Fortnite week 3 challenges explained

fortnite search between 3 ski lodges week 3 challenges
Image used with permission by copyright holder

There are a total of seven new challenges this week, spaced out across the free and Battle Pass tiers. Three of the challenges are available to all players while the other four are, unfortunately, only available to players who own the season seven Battle Pass.

Free Challenges

  • Ride a zipline in different matches (0/5)
  • Stage 1: Land at Lonely Lodge (0/5)
  • Legendary weapon eliminations (0/2)

While the first two weeks this season had some fantastic, fun challenges that were available to everyone, this week’s biggest challenge is only available to players who have the Battle Pass. It’s called the search between three ski lodges challenge.

Battle Pass Challenges

  • Search chests at Polar Peak or Tomato Temple (0/7)
  • Ring a doorbell in different named locations in a single match (0/2)
  • Search among three ski lodges (0/1)
  • Stage 1: Deal damage to opponents (0/200)

That’s right, the hidden Battle Star challenge has finally returned. It’s been quite some time since we last did a guide on this type of challenge but it’s back. This time, though, we are doing a much more holiday-themed scavenger hunt of sorts. There are three ski lodges somewhere on the Battle Royale map and we need to find the point in between them.

Fortnite search between 3 ski lodges challenge explained

Searching between 3 ski lodges for the battle star
Image used with permission by copyright holder

We are going to go over the three different ski lodge locations that we need to visit and the exact spot that is hidden between the three. Of course, if you’re looking just for the solution to this challenge, you can always just skip right to the bottom and head to that location. However, if you’d rather figure it out the traditional way by visiting all three locations, you can do that right here, too.

For this season 7, week three challenge, we highly recommend that players do it in the Teams of 33 Limited Time Mode or whichever big team mode is currently available for you. Teams of 33, in particular, has three teams of up to 33 players, each duking it out on the Battle Royale map. That means three huge teams, three buses, and three different bus paths.

While it can be hard if your team doesn’t happen to get the area that we need for this 3 ski lodges challenge, you can certainly attempt it on your own or with your squad.

In our case, we actually did have to venture into enemy territory in order to complete the challenge. However, it is certainly possible, especially if you crouch and/or use a Stormwing.

Fortnite search between 3 ski lodges challenge: Happy Hamlet

fortnite search between 3 ski lodges week 3 challenges
Image used with permission by copyright holder

For this season seven, week three challenge, you won’t actually have to go very far in order to visit each of the three ski lodges. All three of them are within a 30-second or so walking distance from one another.

So, we are going to take a trip to the new location called Happy Hamlet in the southwestern quadrant of the Battle Royale map.

The actual location of the three ski lodges is to the west of this adorable town. Upon arriving, you will need to head directly west towards the group of buildings that you can see in the above screenshot. Among these buildings in the snow are the three ski lodges that we need.

Fortnite search between 3 ski lodges: Southeastern ski lodge

fortnite search between 3 ski lodges week 3 challenges
Image used with permission by copyright holder

Again, your target destination is directly west into the snow from Happy Hamlet. The first ski lodge that you will most likely come across is nearest to the village, as seen in the above screenshot. It’s worth noting that there are actually quite a few buildings in this area. However, there are a few factors that differentiate a normal building from the ski lodges that we need.

For one, the look of the building is the most important thing. The three ski lodges look roughly the same as one another. They have a concrete bottom while the top has a woodsy log cabin look. Unfortunately, color-wise, there are other buildings that look like this, especially from far away. Thankfully, there are a couple of other factors you can look for.

Skis can also be seen outside of each of the three lodges. If you see skis leaning up against the wall, that’s a ski lodge. Finally, all three ski lodges are on a small hill of some sort. This places them a little higher than the other buildings in the area. With that said, head to the location seen in the screenshot above to find the first ski lodge on a small hill.

Fortnite search between 3 ski lodges: Central ski lodge

fortnite search between 3 ski lodges week 3 challenges
Image used with permission by copyright holder

If you are coming from the southeastern ski lodge, all you will need to do is head slightly to the northwest from your current location. If you’re looking across from the first ski lodge, you can see a similar-looking building just across some trees on a separate hill. That is your destination. All you need to do is cross the valley below that contains a small forest and you can reach the second ski lodge.

Its exact location is just between the first ski lodge that we visited of the three and the final one that we are going to visit in just a moment. Because of their close proximity, this can be easily done in the same match as long as you watch out for enemies. There are, understandably, a lot of players attempting this challenge right now so you may need some stealth on your side.

Reach the second ski lodge and take note of its location in relation to the first one. After all, this challenge isn’t to find all three ski lodges but the spot that is right between them. If you need weapons, there are some good loot in each of the ski lodges so grab that if you can. With that done, let’s head to the third and final ski lodge for this challenge.

Fortnite search between 3 ski lodges: Western ski lodge

fortnite search between 3 ski lodges week 3 challenges
Image used with permission by copyright holder

Now, we are ready to visit the final ski lodge of the three. This one is also located nearby and on the other side of the ski valley area. From your current location at the second lodge, all you need to do is simply head directly west from there, down the hill, and up the hill in front of you.

It’s a short distance but it’s in a wide open area so be very careful here in case there are enemies nearby. You will be most likely seen clearly by the enemy so be prepared for a fight. We’ve noticed that in Teams of 33, you can see enemy markers nearby so crouch and keep an eye on your minimap.

If you are coming from the east and heading west, you will run into the front of the lodge. It has some skis out front and looks just like the other two. With that final ski lodge found, we’re ready to solve this puzzle.

Fortnite search between 3 ski lodges solution

fortnite search between 3 ski lodges week 3 challenges
Image used with permission by copyright holder

This challenge requires a little bit of math. Thankfully, it’s much easier to do than the previous hidden Battle Star locations. We’re looking for the point where the three lodges meet in the middle. For the first lodge that we visited, it is facing the other two ski lodges to the west and northwest. For the second lodge, it is facing one lodge to the southeast of it and the other to the west.

Finally, the last ski lodge is facing to the east towards the other two lodges. If you use these directions, you will find that the three ski lodges meet just to the south of the middle lodge. What’s found there? That same small forest of trees that we had to cross earlier. All you need to do is head into the trees and to the northern side facing the central lodge.

fortnite search between 3 ski lodges week 3 challenges
Image used with permission by copyright holder

In between the two trees is the hidden treasure we’re looking for. Use the screenshot above to find the exact location of the hidden Battle Star. Unfortunately, you won’t be able to see it from far away. Simply hold the corresponding button to interact and collect it.

Fortnite search between 3 ski lodges reward

The reward for the season seven, week three challenge is a simple one. You found the hidden Battle Star so, of course, you get some stars for your character. In total, you get five Battle Stars which is less than desired but still enough to guarantee half a tier level up.

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