Fortnite season 7, week 4 challenge guide: Launch fireworks at three locations

Prepare to blow away the competition with this week's 'Fortnite' challenge guide

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The Fortnite season seven, week four challenges have arrived in Battle Royale. Despite the 14 Days of Fortnite going strong right now, there are actually some new and unique challenges for players to complete this week. It certainly seems like the holiday celebrations aren’t over yet, as this week players need to do some more holly jolly challenges in order to get the weekly rewards.

The biggest challenge this week looks to be the launch Fortnite fireworks in three different locations around the map one. This challenge certainly makes sense this week as the world gears up to transition from 2018 to the new year next Tuesday. Of course, it’s worth remembering that even if you don’t complete the challenge this week, it will remain until the end of season seven in a couple of months or so.

Fortnite week four challenges explained

fireworks fortnite week 4 challenges

As always, you can find all of the season seven, week four challenges this week through the ‘challenges’ tab from the main Battle Royale lobby. There are a total of seven challenges this week for players to complete. Of those seven challenges, four of them are exclusive to Battle Pass owners, which costs 950 Vbucks to purchase.

On the other hand, there are three challenges this week that are free to all players. Thankfully, the Fortnite fireworks challenge this week is available to everyone regardless of whether or not you own the Battle Pass this season. This is in contrast to last week’s challenge that required players to search between three ski lodges and was only for the season pass owners.

Fortnite fireworks challenge explained

fireworks fortnite season 7 week 4 challenges explained

The fireworks challenge this week is simple enough to understand and do. Basically, you are tasked with launching fireworks at three different locations across the Battle Royale map. As of right now, we’ve only found three locations on the map (update: we’ve since found the remaining fireworks locations, check it out below) so it is uncertain right now if there are more locations than the ones we’ve listed below. Of course, feel free to look around for yourself.

The act of firing off the fireworks is pretty simple too. All you will need to do is interact with the fireworks in order to launch them. Like with the piano challenge a few weeks back, you do get treated to a nice little surprise upon launching the fireworks. That’s in addition to the weekly reward that you get for completing the challenge.

For this season seven, week four challenge, we recommend that you complete it in the Food Fight mode available right now for a limited time. Or, whichever large 50 versus 50-like mode is available right now. This gives you an ample amount of time to search the map and fewer enemies to worry about. There is one thing to remember about Food Fight mode, in particular. It has a barrier in the middle so you may have to wait five minutes to access the areas you need.

Fortnite fireworks challenge: Desert location

fireworks fortnite week 4 challenges

Though there are only three firework locations that we have found so far, two of them are actually really close to each another. We’ll save those for later and get started with the location that is furthest away from the other two. Thankfully, all three locations are in the eastern half of the Battle Royale map so you won’t have to go too far.

This particular location is found in the desert. To be honest, it’s really far off from every major location in this area, including Paradise Palms. However, it is still rather easy to find. It is directly south from Paradise Palms all the way down to the cliffside. It’s also directly east from Lucky Landing. It is right near the cliff next to the huge ocean.

There is also the main road in the desert just to the north of the spot that we need to head to. In this area, you’ll also find a little shack house here along the edge of the river and cliff. There is also a trailer and semi-truck parked here alongside a bathtub for some odd reason. Right next to the little house, you will find a single firework tied to a little stick as seen in our screenshot below.

fireworks fortnite week 4 challenges

This is the firework that we need for this season seven, week four challenge. All you need to do is approach the firework and there will be an input prompt for you. Simply hold the required button (for Nintendo Switch, it was the “Y” button) for the required amount of time and you will see the firework spark up. Then it will launch into the sky and you will receive a notification that you have completed this first part of the challenge.

Fortnite fireworks challenge: Wailing Woods

fireworks fortnite week 4 challenges

The next location is very far away from the first one. Thankfully, though, it is rather close to the third and final spot so you should be able to get both within the same match. But in the case you can’t, you’ll be happy to hear that this is a challenge that you can do over various matches.

The location that we need to go for the second part of the Fortnite fireworks challenge is near Wailing Woods. That is on the exact opposite side of where the last firework is so you will need to travel far north in order to reach it. Once again, this fireworks location is found on the cliffside; a trend that you will see in this challenge as we go on.

This firework isn’t in the Wailing Woods forest itself but just to the east of it by the ocean. Its exact location is found northeast of the forest and directly northeast of the words “Wailing Woods” on the Battle Royale map. There is a small hill that you will find in this area. The fireworks you are looking for are found just to the north of this little hill. It’s kind of a weird spot since there isn’t much around it at all.

It is right next to a large rock statue-looking thing and by a ramp that goes down to the cliffs right next to the ocean. It can be kind of tricky to find given its odd location so make sure to use our screenshot above to find your way to the exact spot we are at by checking your minimap. Once here, simply interact with the firework and you will have completed the second part.

Fortnite fireworks challenge: The Block

fireworks fortnite week 4 challenges

From the previous location, you won’t have to travel nearly as far to reach the third and final fireworks spot. However, do be sure to watch out for the storm as all of these locations are near the edge of the Battle Royale map. That means it’s really easy to get caught up in the storm as you do this challenge. However, Food Fight does have unlimited respawns so don’t worry too much about dying.

We need to head to another cliffside but this time on the northern end of the map. It is found right by The Block, formerly known as Risky Reels. All you need to do for this firework is travel slightly northwest from Wailing Woods towards The Block. Head past The Block itself and whatever creation is currently being shown off to the spot that we need.

fireworks fortnite week 4 challenges

There is a small, ruined barn that is found just a few feet away from the words “The Block” on the minimap. As you can see in our screenshot above, it is just slightly to the northwest of the letter “T” in The Block. It’s right here in between the fence on one side and the abandoned barn on the other that you will find the third and final firework location.

It’s a little farther away from the cliffside than the other two locations, which can make it a little confusing. However, like before, simply interact with it and it will launch into the sky. If you have time, you can watch it launch into the air and see a quick firework show just for you. With this third part finished, you are able to receive your reward for this weekly challenge.

Fortnite fireworks challenge reward

fireworks fortnite week 4 challenges

Once you finish the match you are currently in and return to the Battle Royale lobby, you will receive your reward. The reward for this season seven, week four challenge is simple enough. You will get five Battle Stars for completing this challenge. While that isn’t a ton of stars, it is enough to guarantee half of a tier level up and, for some players, an actual level up.

The rest of the fireworks locations

Fireworks locations on map | Fortnite Season 7 Week 4 Challenge guide: Launch fireworks at three locations
Click here to see a bigger version of this map where you can zoom in.

Junk Junction (B1) — Near the rear end of the big metal llama.

Broken down motel (E2) — On a little hill to the east that’s overlooking the hotel, next to a single tree tree.

The Block (H2) — This one next to the house that’s directly northwest of the block. You’ll find it near the front door in front of the truck.

Farthest House in Northeast (J2) — You’ll find this rocket just to the right of the house that has a player-editable structure (north of Wailing Woods and east of The Block). It’s on a ledge near a spawn point for a quadcrasher.

Lonely Lodge (intersection of J4 and J5) — This one is right next to the line that separates the J4 and J5 squares. It’s right above the D in Lonely Lodge when you’re not zoomed in and can be found next to a little wooden cabin.

The Race Track (J6) — The rocket is on the east side of the race track behind the tune-up building. Only a few steps away from the RV and porta-potty.

East of Paradise Palms (J8) — This one’s nice and easy. Head due west (and the slightest bit southwest) of Paradise Palms and you’ll find it sitting right at the end of a zipline next to the RV.

South of Paradise Palms (I10) — This is due south of Paradise all the way down towards the cliffs. You’ll find it on the west side of the cliff overlooking the waterfall next to a shooting gallery and RV.

Lucky Landing (F10) — If you head to the southwest part of Lucky Landing, there’s a rocket next to the pedoga that’s overlooking the city on a hill near the cliff that has three trees next to it.

East of Happy Hamlet (intersection of D9, D10, E9, and E10) — The rocket can be found on a big snowy/icy cliff that looks like an orc when viewed the southeast cliffs. It’s next to a chest spawn and is southwest of the Factories.

Northwest of Happy Hamlet (C9) — This one can be found at the ski lodge near the center of the C9 square. It’s on the ledge of the northeast side of the lodge.

South of Snobby Shores (A6) — The rocket is nestled between the two houses due south of Snobby Shores. You’ll find it a few steps northwest of the cellar.

Rundown Villain Base (intersection of B4 and B5) — You can find the rocket at the top of the mountain containing the villain lair that launched the rocket at the end of season 4. It’s on the southwest side next to the zipline.

South of Haunted Hills (B3) — This one is at the little house just to the south of Haunted Hills. YOu can find it a few steps away from the vending machine on the little road that heads north and south.


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