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Fortnite season 6, week 6 challenges: find and play the sheet music

Yo Mozart! Ready to play music? Try our 'Fortnite' sheet music challenge guide

The Fortnite season six, week six challenges have arrived in Battle Royale. This week, there are a ton of challenges for players to complete, whether or not you’re a season six Battle Pass owner. The hottest and most difficult is no doubt the Fortnite sheet music challenge. Players are tasked to go on a scavenger hunt on the Battle Royale map. You’ll be looking for a pretty obscure item that’s hard to find and the challenge is set up in multiple stages.

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Fortnite sheet music challenge explained

fortnite sheet music locations season 6 week 6 challenges
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This season six, week six challenge isn’t like previous ones. This sheet music challenge is broken up into multiple stages, and while multi-stage challenges aren’t uncommon, these types of challenges usually consist of stuff like “kill X enemies” and so on. It’s typically not a scavenger hunt.

This makes it a little harder to complete. While other challenges let you know how many things you are searching for, you won’t know what the next step is until you complete the first step. Thankfully, that’s where we come in. We’ve already completed the entire challenge and can spoil the whole thing if you’d like. In total, there are four parts to this Fortnite sheet music multi-stage challenge.

Unfortunately, this challenge is only available to owners of the season six Battle Pass. If you don’t have it, you can still grab it right now for 950 V-bucks or around $9.50. There is still around a month left in this season so you still have a good bit of time to catch up and receive many of the awesome exclusive season six rewards.

Have the Battle Pass? Then you’re good to go. If you take a look at the challenges tab on the Battle Royale lobby, you will find only one stage visible to you. The first stage is pretty simple: you are tasked with finding a stand with sheet music in Pleasant Park. Though you don’t know what the other three parts will be, we do know where we need to go for this very first section: Pleasant Park.

Fortnite sheet music location: Pleasant Park

fortnite sheet music locations season 6 week 6 challenges
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Unlike other similar challenges, Epic Games has graciously given us a hint. For the first part, we’re going to head to Pleasant Park. For this challenge, we recommend you do it in Disco Domination Limited Time Mode. Sadly, it can’t be done in Playgrounds. We tried that and none of the necessary items show up in that mode. However, the Disco Domination mode will let you complete this challenge with 49 teammates so it will be much easier to do it.

Note that there is a huge piano keyboard that is located on top of the mountain near Pleasant Park. While you may be tempted to go check it out right now, that actually isn’t the spot that we are heading to first. Instead, land directly in Pleasant Park and head to the northern section.

This is where you’ll find the first sheet music stand. There is a house located in the middle of the northern street in Pleasant Park. It is a smaller two-story white house with lots of nice Halloween decorations around it. Head into that house, open up the door on your left, and head towards the staircase. Turn around before going up the stairs and you will see this first music stand on the first floor. Simply interact with it and you’ll have the first part done.

Fortnite sheet music location: Pleasant Park 2

fortnite sheet music locations season 6 week 6 challenges
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Let’s head to the second spot. Interestingly enough, it looks like you actually have to leave the match in order for the next stage to pop up. At least, that’s what happened in our case. That said, start a new match of Disco Domination when you’re ready.

This second Fortnite sheet music location is actually just down the street from the first. Travel to the west of the house, towards the mountain left of Pleasant Park. On the way there, chop down some trees and rocks to make sure you get a good amount of materials.

This is where having teammates with you can come in handy. They can help gather materials since you’ll need a good number of ramps to get up this mountain and make it to the top. Once you reach the top of the mountain, look for the huge piano keyboard that’s there. If you happen to step on one of the keys, you will find that they make the sound of the associated note.

fortnite sheet music locations season 6 week 6 challenges
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This is the ‘key’ to completing stage two of this Fortnite sheet music challenge. The sheet music isn’t just for show; you are actually going to play a song. When you approach the keyboard, you will find another music stand near it. You don’t have to interact with this one because it’s the same as the one you found. On the sheet, there are the notes “CEGEC”.

These are the notes you need to play. If necessary, have some teammates guard you while you do this. You will need to play those notes in that exact order. You will know you’ve done it right if the game plays the notes over again and you will see the pop up that you completed this second part of the challenge. Now on to the third and fourth parts.

Fortnite sheet music location: Retail Row

fortnite sheet music locations season 6 week 6 challenges
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Since we’ve done this once already, you will know what to do next. Basically, repeat that same process but in Retail Row this time. Start a brand new match before attempting this third part. That’s because of the annoying way the sheet music challenge is set up, where the next part doesn’t appear until you complete the previous one and leave the match.

Once you’re in another match of Disco Domination, land on the eastern side of the map in Retail Row. The third Fortnite sheet music spot is found in the building on the far east end and has a ton of bookshelves in it.

Enter from the front where you’ll find all of the bookshelves and turn to your left. Look on the wall right next to the door that you entered. You’ll find the third Fortnite music sheet right here. Like the first one, all you need to do is walk over and interact with it to complete the third section of the challenge. Now it’s time to play some music and finish this thing.

Fortnite sheet music location: Retail Row 2

fortnite sheet music locations season 6 week 6 challenges
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Time to restart the game once more. Yes, it does require four separate matches to complete this Fortnite sheet music challenge. Once you’ve started the fourth and final match, once again, head to Retail Row on the eastern half of the Battle Royale map. There is another huge piano keyboard that you need to visit and play.

This keyboard is even bigger than the last and has more keys that you can play. It’s located southeast of where you found the last Fortnite sheet music location and directly east of the Corrupted Area nearby. It’s on a hill that can be easily seen. Head over to it and the game will place the music sheet you found on the music stand.

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You are going to need to play those notes. While the second part of this challenge had you play only five notes, you are going to need to play seven notes this time, and they have to be in the correct order. The corresponding notes are “AEFAECA”. Play the notes and once again the game will automatically repeat them back to you. With this done, you will receive the notification confirming that you have finally completed this lengthy Fortnite sheet music challenge. Each part of the challenge gives you Battle Stars so you have a guaranteed tier raise if you complete all four parts.

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