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‘Fortnite’ adds zombies to battle royale just in time for Halloween

Call of Duty: Black Ops 4 includes zombies in its Blackout battle royale mode, and it will soon be getting some company in that department. The Fortnitemares 2018 update for Fortnite adds some terrifying creatures to battle royale, and you’ll have to fight them while also facing off against other players.

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In a brief trailer for Fortnitemares, a group of eager battle royale fighters are flying in the Battle Bus before they see a purple floating island explode in a flash of bright light. After the rubble has settled, lanky creatures with jack-o-lantern-like faces come rushing out of the fog, ready to attack.

These monsters are called “Cube Monsters,” giving us a little more insight into the mysterious purple cubes that have been floating around and leaving ruins on the ground. Alongside the “Cube Fiends” are “Cube Fragments,” and defeating them will earn your character loot.

No, the Cube Monsters aren’t technically zombies, but that’s true in the same way that The Last of Us and Days Gone don’t have zombies — if it’s in a horde and it wants to kill you, it’s effectively a zombie, and we can’t wait to blow them away with every weapon at our disposal. Speaking of which …

New western and horror-inspired weapons have been added, as well. The classic Six Shooter lets you take out your targets like you’re a hero in a John Ford movie, while the Fiend Hunter Crowbow is perfect for anyone looking to dress up as Van Helsing this year. The Deadfire outfit has been added with the weapons, giving your character an outlaw look, and it will get progressively spookier as you survive in matches and kill both human and A.I. enemies.

A new set of free challenges is included with Fortnitemares, and the reward for completing all of them is a creepy Dark Engine glider. The initial challenges require you to destroy Cube Monsters, visit Corrupted Areas, deal damage to Cube Monsters with assault rifles or pistols, and dance at gargoyles. We assume you’ll want to do the Monster Mash, but Epic Games didn’t specify which dance moves you’ll actually need to use.

Fortnite is available with cross-play support on Xbox One, PS4, Switch, PC, iOS, and Android.

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