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Fortnite season 6, week 7 challenges: Skydive through floating rings guide

Get your best glider and jump into our 'Fortnite' floating rings challenge guide

The Fortnite season six, week seven challenges have dropped, bringing a nice mix of tasks for players to complete as we near the end of spooky season six. Oddly enough, this week is one of the quietest of the season. This could be because of the Fortnitemares limited time event that recently brought new Halloween-themed modes and its own unique set of challenges.

However, there is at least one challenge this week that isn’t super easy to complete. The biggest and most difficult task players face this week is without a doubt the skydive through floating rings challenge. It tasks players with practicing their gliding and skydiving skills and is both tricky and time-consuming. In fact, it can take even longer than last week’s sheet music challenge.

Fortnite week 7 challenges explained

fortnite season 6 week 7 challenges skydive through floating rings
Image used with permission by copyright holder

The skydive through floating rings challenge can be checked out via the main Battle Royale lobby alongside the other challenges. This week sees a total of seven challenges per usual for both free and Battle Pass users. Unfortunately, this skydiving challenge falls into the latter category so you will need the season six Battle Pass in order to take on this challenge and enjoy its rewards.

The Battle Pass costs 950 V-Bucks or around $9.50 so be sure to get it now as the season comes to a close in just under a month from now. The skydive through floating rings season six, week seven challenge is simple enough to explain but tricky in execution. All you need to do is fly through a grand total of 20 rings across various matches to complete it.

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That can be tough to accomplish as you can only skydive at select moments in a Battle Royale match, mainly at the beginning. Also, it’s basically impossible to get all 20 in one go so it will most likely take you several matches. Thankfully, we’ve got you covered with some tips on how to best complete this challenge the fastest. It all starts with which mode you attempt the challenge in.

Fortnite skydive through floating rings tips

fortnite season 6 week 7 challenges skydive through floating rings
Image used with permission by copyright holder

Normally, we’d recommend Playgrounds since you don’t have to worry about other people but we have tested and already figured out that you can’t even access the challenge in that mode. The rings simply don’t show up when you drop from the Battle Bus. Instead, you’re going to want to do this in 50 versus 50. This week, in particular, has a unique 50 versus 50 mode called Team Terror.

Team Terror is your basic 50 versus 50 mode with the added element of Cube Monsters. Introduced recently for Halloween, these zombie-like creatures look to be sticking around for a little while longer. You not only have to worry about the 50 enemy players but hordes of these monsters attacking you at the exact same time.

Like we mentioned above, this challenge is rather limited as your best time for completing it is at the beginning of each match. Unfortunately, the rings do seem to disappear after the start of the match. This eliminates the ability to use stuff like rifts and rifts-to-go in order to skydive once again through the floating rings.

Worse still, the actual number of floating rings you can skydive through is not a lot. As such, you’re going to want to pay attention as you travel on the bus for rings below you. Make sure to jump out right above them so that you are able to maneuver your character through each ring.

How to skydive through floating rings

fortnite season 6 week 7 challenges skydive through floating rings
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The skydiving is pretty easy to do. There are groups of floating rings seen hovering above and all across the Battle Royale map. Thankfully, you don’t have to worry about other players stealing rings from you as they only disappear once you pass through them. Interestingly enough, the rings are grouped together in such a way that you have multiple paths to choose from.

Most groups start with one ring at the top and then branch out into two to three different paths you can take as you descend towards land. Because of this, it’s basically impossible to get all 20 rings in one match. At best, though, you can certainly complete this challenge in no less than five different matches. The rings are grouped together so the most you can do in one match is four rings.

fortnite season 6 week 7 challenges skydive through floating rings
Image used with permission by copyright holder

Skydiving through the four rings is a little easier said than done. It takes skilled switching between gliding and diving at just the right intervals. Let’s start with the first ring itself. For this one, jump out of the bus right above it and skydive through the middle. This ring is the easiest one to do.

As soon as you pass through the first ring, decide which side you are headed towards. You are also going to want to activate your glider prematurely now. While gliding, you are much slower and it’s a whole lot easier to navigate precisely. Slowly glide your way to the next ring and when you are above it, immediately switch to skydiving again.

Once more, you are going to want to switch back to gliding as soon as you pass through the second ring. This will allow you to glide over to the third ring. Watch out as the space between these rings is much smaller than between the first and second one so there is little room for error here. Repeat the process over again one more time and you’ll have four rings in total.

How to get all 20 rings

fortnite season 6 week 7 challenges skydive through floating rings
Image used with permission by copyright holder

Unfortunately, that’s only one-fifth of the rings you’ll need in order to finish this season six, week seven challenge. Yes, you are going to have to do this five more times in five different 50 versus 50 matches. What really sucks is that you actually can’t leave the match manually before it’s over. If you do that, you will lose all of the rings and progress that you made during the match.

Instead, if you are in a hurry to complete the challenge and get those sweet rewards, you will need to intentionally die. This could be by building high up and jumping to your death, running into the middle of enemies, or just letting the zombies kill you. If you don’t care too much about doing well in these matches, that’s your best bet for clocking out early and moving on to the next match.

Of course, if you do care about stats and wins, then certainly feel free to finish each match before moving to the next group of rings. This will, however, take a good bit of time, as you will have to complete at least five different matches that last around 15 minutes or longer before you can complete this entire challenge.

Floating rings locations

fortnite season 6 week 7 challenges skydive through floating rings
Image used with permission by copyright holder

Unlike other weekly challenges like Stone Heads, locations aren’t super important in this challenge. In fact, the floating rings are pretty randomized for their locations every single match. For the most part, they seem to just follow the path of each bus that you ride on. The first set of rings almost always appear when the bus first allows you to jump off of it.

If you do miss that group or don’t like the area you would end up landing in, fret not. There are typically a total of three to four groups of rings that you will encounter while the bus is still riding across the map. All you need to do is find the group located closest to your preferred landing zone and hop out, skydiving through each ring as we detailed above.

Fortnite week 7 challenge reward

fortnite season 6 week 7 challenges skydive through floating rings
Image used with permission by copyright holder

The reward for completing this season six, week seven challenge is arguably not worth the amount of time and effort as it is not nearly as good as the previous weekly challenges. But it makes sense since this is a pretty easy challenge minus the patience it takes to fully complete it.

What you get for completing the skydive through floating rings challenge is just five Battle Stars. That isn’t even enough to guarantee a tier level up for the season six Battle Pass. That’s unfortunate considering how much time it takes to complete the challenge but every star definitely helps. The season is well into its second half and there is just under a month until it ends. Time is ticking on how long you have to reach tier 100 so every bit does help in the long run.

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