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Fortnite Ice Storm challenges: Destroy an ice shard in different matches

Find and destroy ice shards with our 'Fortnite' Ice Storm challenge guide

Epic Games is shaking up Battle Royale this week with yet another Limited Time Event mode. While season seven of Fortnite continues to chug along with only a few weeks left, there is also a new Fortnite Ice Storm event to check out as well. This new limited time event mode arrives just a month after the 14 Days of Fortnite event, offering plenty of new content for players.

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There are new challenges to check out and complete, new rewards to get, and entirely new enemies to fight on the Battle Royale map. The Ice Storm event is only going on for a short period of time so players who are interested in its exclusive rewards will want to jump in and take on the challenges right now.

Fortnite Ice Storm challenges explained

fortnite ice storm challenges golden ice brutes

New challenges are added to the Ice Storm limited time event each day. All players can tackle these challenges whether or not they are a season seven Battle Pass owner. Most challenges reward players with experience that can be used to level up and gain tiers quickly.

This is perfect as there are only a few weeks left in season seven of Battle Royale and you’ll need all the experience you can get if you are aiming to reach that coveted tier 100 and receive the exclusive Ice King legendary skin before the season comes to an end. One of the challenges in the event that players are having trouble with completing is the ice shards one.

Essentially, players are tasked with finding and destroying an ice shard 10 times. Yes, you have to defeat 10 of these ice shards in order to complete this challenge and receive its reward. Given the requirements of this particular challenge, it can take you a while to do. Here’s everything you need to know about how and where to complete this challenge.

Fortnite ice shards explained

fortnite ice storm challenges golden ice brutes

The ice shards in the Ice Storm Limited Time Event mode are basically spawn points for a new type of enemy. These enemies spawn at the ice shards and you can fight them to complete the challenges. For Battle Royale veterans, this is very similar to the Fortnitemares Limited Time Mode from last Halloween. These enemies are NPCs so they are a lot easier to kill than normal players. However, you do have to deal with both them and normal players so it can become a bit overwhelming.

This particular challenge tasks you with finding an ice shard and destroying it in 10 different matches. That’s right, you have to do it in 10 different matches so don’t waste your time trying to destroy as many as possible in each match. This makes things even more challenging and will take much longer than it would if you just had to just destroy 10 of them in total. Thankfully, you can use that time to work on the other challenges in Ice Storm limited time event.

We recommend completing this challenge in the squads mode. Normally, we recommend you do it in a big team mode like Team Rumble but the Ice Legion will only spawn in solo, duos, and squads modes. Squads are good because you have a team that can watch your back and help you destroy the ice shards. We also recommend you just destroy an ice shard and then leave the match or die, especially if you just want to complete this challenge and get its reward. This will speed up the entire process and make going through the 10 matches much quicker.

Where to find Fortnite ice shards

fortnite ice storm ice shards

Of course, before you can even destroy an ice shard and leave the match, you will need to find it first. This is actually rather easy to do as they are all over the Battle Royale map. Unlike before, the entire Battle Royale map is now covered in snow and not just in the revamped southwestern quadrant like at the beginning of season seven.

Everywhere that you visit in Battle Royale matches right now is covered in a thick layer of snow. In addition, the visibility is lessened considerably, which makes seeing what’s up ahead much harder to do. This is actually great, though, since it means other players will have a harder time seeing you. Thankfully, it doesn’t make finding ice shards too difficult either.

fortnite ice storm challenges golden ice brutes

They are large pillars of ice as seen in the screenshot above. Unfortunately, unlike other challenges in the past, there isn’t a specific place that you should visit in order to find ice shards. This is because they are randomly placed at the start of each match. There are a few places that we recommend you visit in order to find these ice shards. Your best bet is to land in named areas that aren’t super popular with other players. These areas include Pleasant Park (which we visited in the screenshots), Snobby Shores, Lazy Links, Lonely Lodge, and Wailing Woods.

There are a few others, too, but your best chances at survival are at any location that isn’t popular (like Tilted Towers) or anywhere with a related challenge associated with it. This is so that you can safely scour the named area for weapons and supplies at the start of the match. You want to be prepared before you head off to go find you some ice shards. When you are ready, simply go to the outskirts of a location and circle around it. We typically find two to three shards just on the edge of each one.

How to destroy Fortnite ice shards

fortnite ice shards ice storm

Once you’ve actually found one of the ice shards, the real fun begins. If you’re familiar with the Fortnitemares event then this will be easy for you to do. Basically, various ice fiend enemies begin to spawn when you approach the ice shard. These ice fiends will stand in your way and attack you, making shooting the ice shard difficult.

All you need to do is kill the various ice fiends to destroy the ice shard. You see, each ice fiend that you defeat will lower the health of the ice shard overall. While it does take quite a few ice fiends, you are able to easily destroy the ice shard this way. Of course, you can also attack the ice shard directly if you’d like.

We recommend focusing on the ice fiends first since you will need to defend yourself from them anyway. Each ice fiend you kill also grants you a small amount of shield so that will help you keep alive. Fighting the Ice Legion and the ice shard can get very overwhelming, which is why we recommend you do this with a squad.

fortnite ice storm ice shards

As for what weapons to use, we recommend ranged ones. Explosives like grenades are great for taking out the ice fiends and ice shard, as well. We recommend building a structure to defend yourself or hiding in buildings while you fight. You want to try and keep as much distance between you and the fiends as possible. Keep moving at all times.

Lastly, the recently released boom box item is a fantastic asset for taking out the ice shard as well. For those who don’t know about this item, it does no damage to enemies like the Ice Legion or other players but it is great for destroying various structures. Yes, this includes the ice shards, too. Simply leave the boom box on the ground near the shard, making sure to stay clear of any enemies.

The boom box item should distract most of the ice fiends but that means you need to take them out so they don’t destroy it. Once it’s destroyed, leave the match and repeat the process nine more times.

Fortnite ice shards challenge reward

fortnite ice storm challenges golden ice brutes

Once you’ve done this 10 times, you will receive your reward. The reward for destroying 10 ice shards is 500 experience points. While that’s not enough to guarantee a level up, it does take a chunk out of a level. In addition, if you do this challenge and five more of the Ice Storm challenges, you’ll receive an exclusive wrap for your weapons.

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