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Fortnite season 8 arrives with a volcano, a cannon, and some Apex Legends wisdom

Season 8 - Cinematic Trailer

Fortnite‘s season 8 is finally here and Epic Games has once again made substantial changes and additions to the battle royale shooter. For the newest weapons to the map changes — and even an idea was taken from another battle royale game — here is all the biggest news from the season 8 update.

Planning on completing some challenges this weekend? We’ll make it easy for you. Read our season 8 map guide to prepare, and then find 7 Pirate camps and visit the furthest points with our Fortnite weekly challenge guides.

New and vaulted weapons

Fortnite canon season 8
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Start practicing your best swashbuckling accent and get our peg leg ready, because Fortnite added the Pirate Cannon weapon for season 8. The cannon can be pushed into its desired position before being fired, and if hitting an enemy directly, it does 100 damage. Targets near the impact location will take 50 damage, and if you prefer, you can go full Sea of Thieves and place yourself into the cannon. This turns you into the projectile, and you’ll destroy structures and damage players. The Pirate Cannon can be found directly in the environment.

As we approach the end of winter, Epic Games has removed some of the more seasonal items. Vaulted items include the Sneaky Snowman, the Chiller Grenade, the Shopping Cart, the All Terrain Kart, and the X-4 Stormwing plane.

Map changes

The enormous volcano that sprouted on Fortnite‘s map has introduced a few new locations to explore. The Lazy Lagoon and Sunny Steps can both be visited by using the “Volcanic Vents,” and just like with the cannon, there’s plenty to love for pirates fans.

The volcano has left a huge, gushing crack filled with lava pouring from its side. It certainly looks dangerous next to all the greenery, and you’ll likely be able to use this to your advantage during battle royale matches, and you can even bounce off its surface.

UI and gameplay changes

Two limited-time modes — 50V50 and Close Encounters — have been added for the start of season 8. A Party Assist feature now also lets your party help with completing daily or weekly challenges, which should help you finish them more quickly.

The World Marker tool has also been updated, and it now functions similarly to the “ping” tool in Apex Legends. If a World Marker is placed by you, you can see it in the game world, and double-clicking while placing one will signal it as a “danger” market. You can use it to point out particular items, as well, and display your distance from the selected marker.

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