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Fortnite season 2 challenge guide: Find Shadow safe houses

Fortnite season 2 is moving along with the second week of missions now available. Continuing the trend from the first week of this highly anticipated season, this week’s challenges are known as the Brutus Briefing missions There is a slew of new and interesting tasks to complete.

Fortnite week 2 challenges listFortnite Brutus Challenges Week 2

In second week of season 2, players have 10 new objectives to complete plus an additional task that has two branching paths available to players. You can find the full list of the challenges this week below.

  • Find all five Fortnite Shadow safe houses.
  • Hide in secret passages in three different matches.
  • Eliminate three players using a shotgun.
  • Carry a knocked down opponent at least 50 meters.
  • Deal 250 total damage to enemy players above you.
  • Open three treasure chests locked by an ID scanner.
  • Shake down a knocked down henchmen in three different matches.
  • Eliminate three players at Craggy Cliffs or Weeping Woods.
  • Deal 200 total damage to players using a shotgun while in the air.
  • Harvest 500 wood, 400 stone, and 300 metal.
  • Steal security plans from The Rig, The Yacht, or The Shark and deliver them to Shadow.
  • Steal security plans from The Rig, The Yacht, or The Shark and deliver them to Ghost: Completing one of these final two challenges will lock you out of the other one.

The spy theme this season is really kicking off in week 2, allowing players to discover more about the two organizations, Shadow and Ghost. This even applies to one of the most important tasks this week: visiting all five Shadow safe houses.

What is Shadow?

Fortnite Secret Agents
Image used with permission by copyright holder

Shadow is one of two spy groups that are at the core of the top-secret theme of Fortnite season 2. As the name implies, the group has a darker aesthetic compared to the lighter colors that Ghost sports. They aren’t just there for show, either, as the groups are vying for takeover of the battle royale island.

Players have the chance to choose which side they wish to join in the fight and show their support for the team through skin variants for nearly all new skins in season 2, limited-time event modes, and weekly missions.

Fortnite Shadow safe houses tips

Before we start finding these safe houses, there are a few details to keep in mind that will help you out. Players need to visit all Shadow safe houses on the map, not just visit the same one in five different matches. There are only five that we have found thus far, so you need to visit all of them.

Thankfully, you can do this across multiple matches, so feel free to take your time, if necessary. If you are looking to maximize time, though, be sure to do this in the Team Rumble mode as that offers more time before the circle closes in, fewer enemies to worry about, and more teammates to tackle it with.

The safe houses themselves look like normal buildings, so there are a couple of key features you’ll need to look out for to know it is one.

Shadow safe house locations

Fortnite Shadow Safe Houses Map
Image used with permission by copyright holder

There are five safe houses currently on the battle royale map, scattered all around the island. Fortunately, all of them are next to existing named locations so players won’t have to look long to find them.

Pleasant Park safe house location

Fortnite Pleasant Park Safe House
Image used with permission by copyright holder

The first safe house is on the eastern side of Pleasant Park. Oddly enough, there is only one way to access it at this time. Visit the gas station on the eastern edge of the town and head to the separate bathroom in the back. Interact with it and you will teleport to the safe house.

Craggy Cliffs safe house

Fortnite Craggy Cliffs Safe House
Image used with permission by copyright holder

The next one is directly east of Craggy Cliffs atop some hills. The building looks like a radio station, having a tall antenna jutting out from it.

Frenzy Farm safe house

Fortnite Frenzy Farm Safe House
Image used with permission by copyright holder

The third safe house is directly east of Frenzy Farm but just before the bridge. There is a gas station on the side of the road here. Like the Pleasant Park safe house, players need to head to the portable toilet out back and teleport to the actual base.

Misty Meadows safe house location

Fortnite Misty Meadows Safe House
Image used with permission by copyright holder

North of Misty Meadows and southwest of Lazy Lake, there is an island that is in the middle of the lake. Head here and there is one house that doubles as the safe house.

Holly Hedges safe house location

Fortnite Holly Hedges Safe House
Image used with permission by copyright holder

Just north of Holly Hedges is a dirt road that leads to a small red house that looks unassuming. It is the fifth and final safe house, notable for its satellite and antenna.

Fortnite Shadow safe houses challenge reward

The reward for this mission is 40,000 experience.

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