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From tips to locations, here’s our Fortnite telescope challenge guide

Epic Games has released the season 10, week eight missions in Fortnite: Battle Royale. Like past weekly challenges, the new ones are themed around a particular topic  — “Storm Racers”. An ode to the turbulent purple cloud that slowly closes in on the map, players will be completing objectives that have them compete with the storm. This guide will focus on helping players dance in front of some telescopes. Before we begin, here are all the other challenges available this week.

Fortnite season 10, week 8 challenges list

Fortnite week 8 challenges

Like every week this season, there are a total of seven normal and seven prestige missions. These offer a bunch of rewards, including an exclusive cosmetic.

Regular challenges:

  • Gain 100 health in the storm
  • Complete one lap of a race track
  • Survive 10 storm phases in total
  • Visit the center of a storm circle
  • Land on Polar Peak, the volcano, and a hilltop with a circle of trees
  • Complete a time trial east of Pleasant Park or southwest of Salty Springs
  • Dance at three different telescopes

Prestige challenges:

  • Damage an opponent in the storm
  • Deal 100 damage to gliding opponents
  • Deal 500 damage to opponents after the first circle closes
  • Visit the center of three different storm circles in a single match
  • Deal any amount of fall damage to an opponent
  • Complete a time trial north of Lucky Landing or east of Snobby Shores
  • Dance at two different telescopes in a single match

Dance at different telescopes challenge tips

Fortnite Team Rumble mode

These telescope challenges are best done in Team Rumble or any other big team mode. This ensures that there are fewer enemies to compete with. The normal challenge can be completed across multiple matches, so take your time if you need it. When you reach a telescope, simply do your favorite dance emote and wait for a notification to appear in the top left corner of your screen. This will confirm you’ve completed the task. The prestige version of this challenge must be done in the same match, and if you’re having trouble completing it, turn on Party Assist. This will allow your teammates to help you complete them.

Telescope challenge locations

There are only three telescopes on the map and you have to visit all three of them.

1. Moisty Palms

Moisty Palms Telescope Fortnite

The first telescope is found southwest of the newly formed Moisty Palms area in the desert. The exact location of this telescope is on top of the mountain in the H9 square on the grid map of the island.

2. Shifty Shafts

Fortnite Shifty Shafts Telescope

The second telescope can be found in the snowy biome just southeast of Shifty Shafts and southwest of Salty Springs. It is also on a mountain, right on the border of the snowy and grassy areas. The exact location for this telescope is in the E7 square on the grid map.

Dusty Depot

Fortnite Dusty Depot Telescope

The third and final telescope location is the most famous one, located near the center of the match and overlooking the volcano. You can find it on the mountain directly west of Dusty Depot. Its exact location is in the F5 square on the grid map.

How to complete the telescope prestige mission

Fortnite Telescope Locations

Completing the normal version of the dance at different telescopes mission will grant you access to the prestige version. This version is a bit harder since you have to dance at two different telescopes in the same match. For this challenge, I recommend you dance in front of the Shifty Shafts and Dusty Depot telescopes since they are closest to one another.

Fortnite season 10, week 8 challenges rewards

Fortnite week 8 challenges

The rewards you get for the week eight challenges are based solely on how many you’ve completed. Each challenge will net you 10 Battle Stars, sans the fourth challenge you complete which will get you 5,000 experience points. The seventh and final challenge will get you Gameplan epic back bling.

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