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Fortnite World Cup kicks off April 13 with $1 million in weekly prizes

Fortnite - World Cup Trailer

Fortnite players who have honed their skills over the last few years will have the chance to prove it during the Fortnite World Cup. Epic Games’ massive competition begins with the Online Open, which will offer $1 million in prize money to competitors each week.

The Fortnite World Cup begins April 13 with Online Opens for solo players. Duo squads will compete the following week. In order to gain access to these events, you need to progress in the Arena game mode to the Champion League, which is releasing with update 8.20. Getting to this stage will unlock access to the Online Open itself. To be eligible for the World Cup, you must have an account level of at least 15, your account must be in good standing, and you must be at least 13 years old.

Points for each match will be determined based on your final battle royale placement. A Victory Royale will earn yourself 10 points, while second through fifth place will earn seven points. You can’t just hide, however, as each kill you get will also earn an additional point.

If you get into the Online Open, you’ll compete on Saturdays in a predetermined three-hour time slot. You can play up to 10 matches during this time and afterward, the 3,000 highest scorers in each server region will be selected to compete in the Online Open finals, held on Sundays.

It’s during the Online Open Finals that you’ll have a chance to score some cash. The rules are the same as in the Semi-Final round, but those who make it to this stage will be required to enable two-factor authentication on their Epic Games account to prevent tampering during the big moment. Make it past this stage, and you could qualify for the overall Fortnite World Cup Finals. Only a limited selection of players will get in. For example, only six solo players per week will qualify for the Finals from the North America East region, and only one player from Asia will qualify.

Our Fortnite skills certainly aren’t up to the test, but it’s nice for dedicated players to have a chance to win some cash. It’s not the only time Epic Games will hand out money; the studio is also offering $100 million in grants to developers.

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