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Ghosts of Tsushima: All Inari shrine locations

Ghosts of Tsushima has been a heavily anticipated game. When the gameplay was first revealed at E3 in 2018, we could not wait to get our hands on the beautiful, action-adventure game. Now that we’re all here, it turns out the game is a little more tricky than expected.

One of the things we need to look out for is fox dens. Throughout the game, Jin Sakai will run into different fox dens, which will lead him to Inari shrines. These shrines help Sakai unlock charm slots, which allow you to carry more charms or upgrade them. There are a few ways to make finding fox dens easier.

You can purchase the ability to track Inari shrines by using your technique points. This will allow you to use the guiding wind to find the shrines, and can be found under the Techniques tab in the main menu. Additionally, you can use the Traveler’s Attire to help track down the hidden Inari shrines. You can purchase this outfit from a settlement merchant — be sure to equip it. From there, get to the Map tab, press left on the D-pad, then choose to track Inari shrines with the guiding wind.

Finding the fox dens can be difficult, but the game will leave a few clues to indicate you’re getting closer to a fox den. In the Izuhara and Toyotama regions, fox dens are nestled between yellow trees. In Kamiagata, players can look for red trees, which definitely stand out. These trees will help guide you toward where the fox den is hiding, so keep an eye open for them!

Here, we have a list of the locations of all the fox dens in Ghosts of Tsushima. There are 49 shrines and fox dens in total for you to find.

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Fox dens and Inari shrines in Izuhara

The Izuhara area has the most fox dens in the game, holding 22 out of 49 of the dens.

Ghosts of Tsushima
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  1. This den is located near a burned village just southwest of the castle. There’s a yellow tree right next to the ruined village.
  2. Near the northern beach just northeast of Shrine 1, there is a lone tree. The shrine is east from there, nestled between some rocks that are on the beach.
  3. This shrine is just south of Shrine 2, near a bridge. The fox will take you downriver (toward the north) to a waterfall. The shrine is on a narrow ledge where a tree is growing.
  4. This den is located by a pond just south of Kukai’s Falls. There is a yellow tree in the shadow of a fortification atop a hill. The fox will take you along a cliff to an Inari shrine by a waterfall.
  5. Just northeast of the Kashine Forest is a yellow tree sitting at the crossroads. It’s pretty close to a survivors camp. The shrine is directly west from there.
  6. East of Wolf Cub Falls and on the way up a hill, just south of the village, there is a yellow tree between two paths. The shrine is south from there.
  7. Along the northwestern coast and west of the Kashine Hills, a yellow tree sits on a road along a cliff. The shrine is down the cliff and a little to the west.
  8. There is a yellow tree on the roadside just south of Yagata Forest. The tree will be sitting in front of a series of lanterns near a hut. The fox will take you on a short walk northwest to find the shrine.
  9. There is an entrance to the forest by the coast where the fox den is hidden. The yellow tree is overlooking a lake just west of Shigenori’s Peak. The fox will take you down a hill to the beach, where the Inari Shrine is located.
  10. This den is by the road in the hillside, just west from Brown River Gorge. The shrine is overlooking the den from the east.
  11. Go across the river from the Komatsu Forge, just west of the settlement and southeast of Shrine 10. The fox will take you up a cliff and around into an enclosed area with the shrine.
  12. Above the “L” in Exile’s Bluff, a yellow tree can be found on a cliff southwest of the settlement. The Inari shrine is to the west of the den.
  13. North of Azure’s Pond, a fox will be waiting for you on the road. It will lead you east to the shrine.
  14. There is a yellow tree between two forking paths just east of TsuTsu Plains. The shrine is located by the pond just northeast from there.
  15. You’ll be able to find this den near the temple on the edge of the settlement, and this is the southernmost den to find. The den is on the beach southeast of the temple.
  16. This den is on the road near Sakimori’s Overlook. The fox will lead you southeast toward a ledge, where the Inari shrine is hidden.
  17. To the west of Jito’s Point is a logging camp. If you head northeast from the logging camp, there is a yellow tree just before a burned-down camp next to an oak. The fox will lead you east and down the beach to the shrine.
  18. This den is on the northern side of the river, and east of Houren’s Pasture. The shrine will be northwest and up a mountain from this point.
  19. Finding this den is a little tricky because it’s in a forest of yellow trees. It’s southwest of the Golden Temple and near a stony outcrop. Using guiding wind can be really helpful to find this one.
  20. Head northeast of the Golden Forest to find three trees in the middle of a meadow. The fox will lead you southwest to the shrine.
  21. Southeast of Den 20 will take you to a survivor camp. Just south of the camp is a crossroads where a yellow tree is standing.
  22. This den is by the waterfall, north of Den 21 and west of Ariake Lakehouse. The fox will take you to a waterfall to the north, which has the shrine.

Fox den locations in Toyotama

The Toyotama region has 17 shrines and fox dens to find.

  1. Head from Izuhara to Toyotama. A yellow tree is just east of the Spirit Grove Cemetery. The shrine is located on a glade among some white flowers.
  2. Before a bridge in Akashima Higata, there is a yellow tree sitting on the side of the road. The fox will lead you through a forest to the shrine, which is nestled on a ledge facing a swamp.
  3. Along the roadside by the coast just west of Akashima Village is a yellow tree.
  4. South of the Old Kanazawa Marsh with a group of flags in the distance is a yellow tree. It is facing the coast by the roadside.
  5. There is a lone yellow tree just west of the Field of the Equinox Flower. The tree is near a road that features torii gates and a house is visible in the distance. The fox will lead you through a field of red flowers toward the shrine.
  6. Next to Rebel’s Last Stand and on the right of the road with torii gates is a lone yellow tree.
  7. In a swampy bog to the east of Kazumasa’s Isle is a yellow tree. The fox will weave around and through the marsh. The shrine is located among rocks in the middle of the marsh.
  8. There is a bridge to the west of the Lonely Forest Clearing. The yellow tree can be found there, very closer to the river.
  9. A lone yellow tree stands in a forest of dying just northeast of Mamushi Farmstead.
  10. Head north from Kushi Temple to find a yellow tree surrounded by other trees. A pampas field sits in the background.
  11. A yellow tree can be found on the roadside just west of Kushi Grasslands. The yellow tree is in the shadow of a giant tree, which can make it hard to find.
  12. There is a yellow tree hidden among orange trees just east of Kishibe Village. You’ll find it on your way up the road to the shrine.
  13. There is a yellow tree just below Mount Omi, northwest of Lucky Genzo’s Inn. It’s fairly close to the town; simply head toward the area of the largest rock mountain.
  14. Head north from Den 13 to find a yellow tree on the roadside. It’ll be by the coast and hidden among some red and green trees.
  15. Next to the Woodcutter’s Shelter is a yellow tree. It’s across the road from a burned-down house.
  16. Head east of Shimura Cemetery to a yellow tree on the roadside. It’s fairly close to a chasm.
  17. Head east from shrine 16 toward the coast. There will be a yellow tree in the shadow of a giant stone mountain.

Fox den locations in Kamiagata

Kamiagata region has the fewest fox dens, holding the last nine dens. These fox dens will be hidden under red trees rather than yellow.

  1. There is a red tree in a dead glade just south of the Endless Forest, but north of the Deep Forest Lake. It’s on the road that leads up to Kin Sanctuary.
  2. Kin Lighthouse is to the far east on the map. Follow the road west from Kin Lighthouse and take a right to find the fox den. It’s in a snowy pampas field, which helps it stand out.
  3. Head north of the Bitter Hills, which is also east of Fort Kikuchi. The den is north of a deep forest lake, but south of the Kamigata Falls river. The red tree will be on the side of the road while moving up a steep incline.
  4. Head east of the river that feeds into Sago Mill. There is a red tree that is close to the coast and across a bridge.
  5. Head southwest of Cedar Temple to find a red tree between a Mongol territory and a waterfall. This tree can be found on the coast.
  6. This red tree is in the middle of a fork in the road just east of General Bartu’s camp. This tree is overlooking a burning settlement, making it a little easier to find.
  7. Between a section of bamboo and normal trees southeast of Jogaku Temple Lake is a red tree on the roadside.
  8. Before a bamboo forest and west of Jogaku Temple is a red tree.
  9. North of Jogaku Temple and northeast of General Dogshin’s camp is a red tree that sits next to a red torii gate. It’s on the road leading up to the Snowlit Peak Shrine.
  10. This den has a few ways to get to it. Either you can follow the shrine road from Shrine 9 or head northeast of Mount Jogaku, and you’ll find the red tree on the right and a mountain face on the left. The shrine mountain can be seen in the distance.

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