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‘Gnog’ reveals its release date in latest level teaser trailer

Through the mind of a child, a new toy is more than just an object. Every inch is full of imagination and potential as the child plays with it in their own way. This sense of joyful experimentation is center stage in the upcoming game Gnog.

Developed by KO_OP, Gnog is a puzzle adventure game that takes players through multiple interactive monster heads. Each head is its own puzzle that can flip, rotate, and be played with to uncover its secrets. Now, thanks to the most recent level trailer, it has been revealed that Gnog will release on May 2.

The new level, Purp-L, is a synth that players can interact with to create music of different types. A small character within the puzzle is feeling uninspired and needs help creating a new song. By pressing, pulling, sliding, clicking, and rotating, it is up to the player to reignite the little songwriter’s passion.

In the final game, there will be nine different levels with a dynamic soundtrack and unique experiences. One level tasks the player with navigating the deep ocean. Along the way, players will spin valves and use sonar to find hidden treasures and new species. Another level shoots for the stars but has run into trouble. It is up to the player to help rebuild this spaceship and find its way home.

On May 2, Gnog will launch exclusively on the PS4 for $15. Pre-orders are now open and PS Plus members can purchase it at the discounted price of $13.50. Owners of PSVR are encouraged to check it out for a more immersive experience. Virtual reality brings players face to face with each puzzle in a manner that pushes the envelope of that “new toy” feeling. And with respect to other platforms, Gnog will release later this year on Steam and iOS.

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