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Google Stadia pre-orders don’t guarantee you’ll get to play on release day

Google Stadia launches on November 19 (sort of), with those who purchased the Founder’s Edition getting access to the streaming service, along with a new controller and Chromecast Ultra. However, it appears that it could be too late to get into the fun on launch day, even if you’ve already pre-ordered Google Stadia.

On the official Stadia Facebook page, Google posted that the Founder’s Edition had been completely sold out. Along with the aforementioned accessories, the Founder’s Edition bundle also include a badge, the ability to pick your name before other players, three months of the Stadia Pro subscription service, and a Buddy Pass that gives a friend three months of Stadia Profor free. With this bundle, you have everything you need to play Google Stadia, provided that you have a television with a USB port and a moderately fast internet connection.

Now that the Founder’s Edition is sold out, the Premiere Edition is your option if you want to play Stadia in 2019, and it costs the same $129. It includes most of what is offered in the Founder’s Edition, but with a white controller instead of a blue one and no Buddy Pass for a friend. This would still be a no-brainer for anyone interested in playing Stadia come November 19, but Google recently told The Verge that pre-orders do not guarantee first access.

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Even Founder’s Editions might not arrive on time, with Google only expecting all Founder’s Edition and Premiere Edition bundles to be released within the first two weeks of the service’s official launch. It’s hardly the end of the world when considering that those jumping on board this early likely have another way to play games in the interim, but it’s bizarre when comparing it to the rest of the game industry — could Call of Duty: Modern Warfare players be satisfied with getting their game two weeks after everyone else?

More Google Stadia options will be available slightly later down the road. This includes a Stadia Pro membership without any bundle — Stadia supports other controllers — as well as a Stadia Base service that doesn’t require a subscription fee. Stadia Pro will only cost $10 per month, and should include enough content to keep subscribers busy for a long time.

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