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This Google Stadia exclusive is trapped on the service due to port ‘complexity’

Splash Damage has announced that Outcasters, which it released exclusively on Google Stadia in July, won’t be ported to other gaming systems after the online streaming platform shuts down in January 2023.

Outcasters is a battle royale-style game that allowed players to get creative with their shots, controlling their direction and speed after firing them off. Unlike Fortnite, its multiplayer mode caps the number of players to eight. The London-based Splash Damage tweeted a statement Wednesday saying it had no plans to port Outcasters because it was programmed exclusively for Stadia, as its complex gameplay mechanics required the use of cloud streaming technology.

“It is with a heavy heart that we inform you that we do not have plans to bring Outcasters to other platforms at this time. Outcasters was designed and built exclusively for Stadia, with many of its systems heavily reliant on the platform, significantly increasing the complexity of the work required,” Splash Damage said. “We still firmly believe that cloud gaming has a bright future in our industry, providing easier access to games than ever before, and we are encouraged to see that other platforms still champion this cause.”

To give Outcasters a proper requiem, Splash Damage shared a video that takes a look back at the game’s development stages, from its early concept to its July 13 release day, as well as an idea of what the gameplay looks like for those who weren’t aware of its existence.

— Outcasters (@playoutcasters) October 12, 2022

While Outcasters is getting buried along with Stadia, some other Stadia-exclusive games will rise out of the ashes of the platform’s demise. Tequila Works is porting Gylt to other platforms next year, though it’s unknown what consoles will get it. Meanwhile, Ubisoft and other developers are giving players alternatives for playing games they purchased on Stadia.

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