‘Grand Theft Auto 5’ due for ‘substantial’ story DLC in 2014, content creator this month

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From the start, Rockstar’s plan for Grand Theft Auto 5 was to continue supporting the game post-launch through multiple DLC launches. That add-on content first took the shape of GTA Online expansions, introducing new game modes, more in-game content in the way of weapons and the like, and even new vehicles. Fans of the single player experience can now rejoice as well, as Rockstar confirms that the adventures of the three protagonists Franklin, Michael, and Trevor will continue thanks to “substantial additions” to the story.

Rockstar hasn’t gone into detail yet, but “GTAV Story Mode Updates” are expected in 2014, along with the long-promised “GTA Online Heists.” The Heists will be cooperative missions, presumably similar to the heist missions available in the single player campaign.

December will also see several additions to the multiplayer, beginning with the release of a Deathmatch and the Race Creators Beta. Players will now be able to design their own custom races and deathmatch modes, then share them online for others to play, rate, and download. The match types available for customization are: Deathmatch, Team Deathmatch, Race, GTA Race, and Rally Race. The best creations will then be recognized and highlighted as “Rockstar Verified Jobs,” which will then be shared to everyone on GTA Online.

Those additions are expected on December 10, and later in the month Rockstar will introduce a new competitive team game mode called “Capture,” a twist on capture the flag. Up to four squads will compete to steal goods, vehicles, and more from opponents. There will be four variations: Raid, Contend, Hold, and GTA. More details on these game modes will be released later this month.