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‘Grand Theft Auto Online’ players worry powerful new vehicle may ruin game

GTA Online - Oppressor MK II Gameplay (Unreleased Vehicle)

Grant Theft Auto V‘s multiplayer portion Grand Theft Auto Online is continuously updated with new content, including missions, weapons, and vehicles, but it appears that a vehicle planned for future release could drastically alter how the game is played. Players aren’t happy with it — despite the fact that it hasn’t been announced yet.

Data-mining players discovered that a high-powered hovercraft called the “Oppressor MK II” was going to come to Grand Theft Auto Online in the near future as part of the ongoing “After Hours” update, which also gave players the ability to run their own nightclubs. The vehicle features an enormous jet engine, can quickly soar through the sky and speed along the ground, and it sports a missile launcher capable of destroying nearly everything in its path. It also features machine guns for clearing out larger groups of enemies, and it has countermeasures for tricking enemy missiles into missing.

Rockstar Games confirmed the news itself on its Twitter account, also touching on vehicles like the B-11 Strikeforce plane and the Declasse Scramjet, but it’s the Oppressor MK II that has players most concerned. With the vehicle’s speed and ability to quick demolish nearly any target, dedicated Grand Theft Auto Online players are worried it could ruin the game’s free-roaming mode.

The Oppressor MKII will cost nearly $4 million of in-game currency to purchase, so players will have to save up their dough in order to afford it, but not everyone is complaining. Some fans are excited to get their hands on the death-bringing vehicle, though it’s likely at least some of these players are interested in blowing up unsuspecting people attempting to play the game in peace.

Grand Theft Auto Online will likely receive more content updates for the foreseeable future, as Grand Theft Auto V is the most successful entertainment product of all time. Still, our eyes are looking toward October for the release of Rockstar’s Red Dead Redemption 2. The western prequel even included a Stone Hatchet weapon that can be used if it’s acquired in Grand Theft Auto Online, and we’re willing to bet that other weapons will follow suit.

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