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‘Grand Theft Auto Online’ Stunt Race Creator goes live with twisted user-crafted tracks

Grand Theft Auto Online just got a little bit zanier with today’s launch of the Stunt Race Creator, an in-game toolkit that allows players to construct their own custom tracks and racing challenges.

After installing a new Grand Theft Auto V patch that deploys today, players will be given access to a virtual toybox filled with pre-built roads, ramps, and obstacles that can be snapped together, Hot Wheels-style, for all-new death-defying races and stunt challenges.

Today’s launch of Grand Theft Auto Online‘s Stunt Race Creator follows up on a series of Rockstar-created Stunt Races released for free over the last several months. Rockstar’s creations quickly grew in scale and ridiculousness, eventually leading to the introduction of Stunt Tunnels that host races thousands of feet above the streets of San Andreas.

After giving players a taste of its track-creation toolkit’s capabilities, Rockstar has now given its fans full access to the Stunt Race Creator, enabling the creation of racetracks that defy all logic and common sense. Starting today, players can build Standard, GTA, Rally and Non-Contact Stunt Races across the entirety of Los Santos and Blain County.

After creating an off-the-wall masterpiece, players can then share their custom-built tracks with friends via Grand Theft Auto Online‘s community features. Rockstar plans to highlight the best of its community-sourced racetracks in future Grand Theft Auto Online updates.

If you want to get up and running with the Stunt Race Creator as quickly as possible, Rockstar has issued a creator guide (.pdf link) that offers hints, tips, and instructions for up-and-coming racetrack creators.

This week also marks the launch of Entourage, a new combat-focused Adversary Mode for Grand Theft Auto Online. Designed for groups of players, Entourage challenges a defending team to transport characters and vehicles to faraway extraction points while fending off assassination attempts from the opposing team.

To drum up interest in the new mode, Rockstar is offering doubled GTA$ and RP earnings in Entourage-specific multiplayer matches through August 11.

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