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Battle it out sumo style with the latest ‘Grand Theft Auto Online’ update

There isn’t a big-budget sumo wrestling game on the market in 2018, but as you wait for that wrong to be righted, Rockstar and Grand Theft Auto Online have you covered. The game’s latest update puts a twist on the adversarial mode, and it has some brand-new locations to test your skills.

Previously, the Sumo mode included in Grand Theft Auto Online pitted players in cars against each other as they worked to push their opponents out of the arena. The new remixed version makes things even trickier, as whenever the game timer expires, the safe zone will change locations and players will have to race toward the new destination in order to stay in the match. In a move that totally isn’t inspired by battle royale games, the safe zone will shrink each time, and parts of the track “may or may not disappear at random,” according to Rockstar.

To go along with the remixed mode, seven new arenas have been added. The mode will be live until October 15, during which you can earn double GTA$ and reputation. During this week, you can also earn two special Ammu-Nation shirts, and there are discounts available on fancy vehicles like the Nagasaki Shotaro bike, the HVY Menacer armored vehicle, and the Ocelot Stromberg. The latter is a sports car that can turn into a submarine, so you can drive in style even as you’re recklessly flying off a bridge.

Certain properties are also discounted until October 8. These include nightclubs, which receive a 25-percent discount, as well as biker clubhouses and offices, which receive a 50-percent discount. If you’re in the market for some new threads or ink, the clothing and tattoos for Smuggler’s Run and the Doomsday Heist are 30 percent off, and multiple tattoos have the same discount as well.

Grand Theft Auto Online is still thriving five years after release, but we imagine a few of its players will migrate to Rockstar’s next game, Red Dead Redemption 2, in a few weeks. Releasing for Xbox One and PS4 on October 26, the game’s online portion will begin a beta in November, and will feature both cooperative and competitive activities.

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