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Don’t shoot your courier in Grand Theft Auto Online’s latest game mode

grand theft auto online update inch by gta
Grand Theft Auto V has been a huge success since day one, and its online component, Grand Theft Auto Online, is still actively played by the online community. This is due in large part to Rockstar Games’ continuing support of the title, which was first released in October 2013. And now, the developer has announced that the multiplayer game’s next update will be available April 12.

In GTA Online’s coming update, Rockstar is including a new multiplayer mode called “Inch By Inch.” Players are meant to pick up a package somewhere on the map and then head home toward the team’s end zone. Once the package has reached the end zone, the team scores and a new package spawns somewhere on the map. Since the courier can’t use a weapon, they have to rely on the support of their teammates to keep any rockets, grenades, and bullets at bay. You’ll find Inch By Inch in the Adversary Mode playlist.

To celebrate the new update, players can get double the GTA$ and RP when they enter the Adversary Mode playlist, which will be available until and throughout April 14. The playlist will be available directly from the GTA V launch screens, so anyone looking to earn some extra cash or level up their character will be able to do so with minimal effort. Adversary Modes 1 have already passed, but starting now will get you access to Adversary Modes 2 from today through Monday. Starting Tuesday, players will have access to the Inch By Inch 1 playlist.

Unfortunately, there’s not much more to it than the new game mode. Rockstar will also include the Vapid Minivan. Fast transport vehicles for your squad are good, but many players would likely have been glad to hear their concerns for online frauds could be put to rest.

Criminals looking to invest in new weaponry should take the opportunity to also do so before April 14. Ammu-Nation, the in-game gunstore, will offer some pretty hefty sales until then. Sniper rifles will be 25 percent cheaper, and their attachments will be half price. Shotguns will go for 40 percent less, but their attachments will just get a 30 percent discount. Finally the body armor will be 50 percent off.

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