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Gravity Rush remake and sequel announced for PlayStation 4

Sony announced that a remastered version of its PS Vita action-adventure game Gravity Rush will launch for the PlayStation 4 next year ahead of a newly revealed series sequel.

Gravity Rush Remastered, due to hit the PS4 in February, will bundle the original game along with all previously released DLC in a visually updated package optimized for Sony’s latest console.

Originally released for the PS Vita portable platform in 2012, Gravity Rush tells the story of a young woman named Kat, who is able to manipulate gravity at will. Gameplay involves traversing tricky environments and outwitting enemy creatures by using Kat’s ability to shift gravitational force, stick to surfaces, and fly long distances.

Using the PS Vita’s included gyroscope, Gravity Rush allows players to fine-tune flight paths by tilting the console. Gameplay largely revolves around creative application of Kat’s flight capabilities, while occasional combat sequences instead demand twitch reflexes.

Gravity Rush Remastered will include the original game’s campaign along the all content introduced in the downloadable Spy Pack, Maid Pack, and Military Pack. Previously released DLC packs each include a new costume, two new story missions, and two challenge levels.

Developed by The Ico & Shadow of the Colossus Collection and Metal Gear Solid HD Collection porting studio Bluepoint Games, Gravity Rush Remastered will hit the PS4 with an array of performance improvements and a 1080p presentation.

Sony also announced that a Gravity Rush sequel is in development. Footage shown during Sony’s Tokyo Game Show presentation showcases a vibrant gameplay world filled with environmental detail, along with combat encounters that take place on crowded city streets. Titled Gravity Daze 2 in Japan, the sequel is expected to launch in 2016. A North American release date was not announced.

Gravity Rush Remastered will launch first in Japan in December. A localized North American version will premiere on February 9, 2016.

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