GTA Online Capture Creator is live and you can win $1,000,000 for using it

gta online capture creator live can win 1000000 using

The free Capture Creator add-on for GTA Online is live as of today, and you can nab yourself a cool $1 million for using it… in in-game cash, of course. It’s part of what Rockstar Games is calling #CaptureWeekend, which will gift the bonus dollars and an exclusive in-game CAPTURE license plate to four players selected to be among the first Rockstar Verified Jobs creators using the new tool. They’ll also get to participate in a live Twitch broadcast with the devs in which they talk about their creations.

Capture is GTA Online‘s take on Capture the Flag. There are several different variants, but the core mode pits two teams against one another as they each try to swipe an item of interest – anything from a car to a bag full of cash – and return it to their home base. Try it out in GTA Online between now and April 20, and you’ll earn double the cash and double the RP (GTAO‘s experience points) for your efforts.