‘GTA Online’ introduces its own, unique interpretation of capture the flag

GTA CaptureBeginning tomorrow, Los Santos and Blaine County will become a little more violent thanks to the addition of the team-based game mode “Capture,” which is set to join the GTA Online lineup. Capture will be available for free, following an automatic update that will also include “A host of fixes and dynamic tuning updates,” according to Rockstar.

Capture will offer 20 new jobs spread across four game modes found throughout Freemode. They are all a very loose interpretations of capture the flag, and all focus on teamwork.

  • Raid: Raid is basically a traditional capture the flag mode, but instead of a flag you grab a specific package before fighting your way back to your base to score. First team to hit the target score wins.
  • Hold: In Hold, you collect packages scattered around the map and/or from your opponents’ base, then bring them back to your base and sit on them like a well-armed hoarder until you reach the target score, or time runs out.
  • GTA: As the name suggests, you and your teammates run around the map and steal selected cars, then bring them back to your base. The mode is timed, and the team with the most cars wins.
  • Contend: A single package sits in the center of the map, and both teams fight to take it back to their base. Once a team scores, the package respawns.

Each game mode offers variations on itself to keep things fresh. Under GTA, for example, you may be trying to steal dirt bikes in one game, then harvest tractors in the next. Log on December 18 or after, and the Capture game modes will be available following the update.