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Guardians of the Galaxy trailer teased with 15 seconds of footage

guardians galaxy trailer teased 15 seconds footage
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Guardians of the Galaxy, arriving on August 1, 2014, is in some ways Marvel Studios’ first real box office challenge. Past releases starring the likes of Iron Man, Captain America, even the Hulk all benefited from the name recognition of their title characters. Guardians is considerably less well known, especially among moviegoers that aren’t steeped in comic book lore. If you fall under that sizable umbrella, know only that the upcoming superheroes in space adventure features a tough-talking raccoon with the voice of Bradley Cooper.


Rocket Raccoon, as the alien rodent is known, doesn’t show up in this brief 15-second tease of the film’s upcoming debut trailer, but that’s okay. The dizzying flash of images you’ll be assaulted with when you hit play on the video below is simply there to whet your appetite. The good stuff will be coming this evening, when the full trailer premieres on Jimmy Kimmel Live at 11:35pm EST.

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