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Blade: release date speculation, trailers, gameplay, and more

We’re in the golden age of superhero video games with the likes of Marvel’s Spider-Man 2 and an upcoming Wolverine game, but even some lower-profile heroes are starting to get some love. The vampire hunter Blade is one of the next Marvel characters to get the spotlight, and the game will be brought to us by none other than Arkane Lyon. Known for the Dishonored series and the recent hit Deathloop, this team has the potential to give us a very different style of game that suits the character perfectly. Time to sharpen your teeth, don your coat and glasses, and stalk the streets of Paris for all the details on the upcoming Blade.

Release date speculation

A barber shop in Paris.
Arkane Studios

It will probably be a while before Blade sees the light of day. Not only was there no date or even window given, but Studio director Dinga Bakaba posted the following on X (formerly Twitter): “We’re going to stay silent for a while …” Expect to wait until at least 2025 for this one, if not longer.


A barber turning up the radio.
Arkane Studios

Despite no platforms being confirmed in any marketing material thus far, we know that developer Arkane Lyon is under Bethesda, and thus Xbox Games Studios, which at least heavily implies that it will be an Xbox console exclusive. A PC version is almost certain as well, but PlayStation players are more than likely going to be left out of the vampire-killing fun.


Marvel’s Blade | Announcement Trailer | The Game Awards 2023

The reveal trailer for Blade was a surprise announcement at The Game Awards 2023. It sets the scene in Paris, where Blade is relaxing while getting a shave during a lockdown. When the siren goes off, he suits up with his glasses, knives, guns, grenades, and, most importantly, his sword. The teaser ends with Blade remarking, “the night’s just getting started.”


Thank you so much for watching our announcement! 

"Let's do a single player immersive sim hybrid with all the shit we love!" 

"Ok, and let's make it a Blade game, in 3rd person, in our own crazy version of Paris!"

And somehow this fever dream fucking happens?! This is surreal.

— Dinga Bakaba (@DBakaba) December 8, 2023

The reveal was purely cinematic, but once again, Bakaba shared some more info on the development of Blade. According to him, Blade will be a “single-player immersive sim hybrid with all the shit we love!” The trailer showed it will take place in Paris, but we also know it will be a third-person game, which will be a first for the studio. The immersive sim component suggests an open world, or at least a large hub world, which we will be able to explore however we choose. We can reasonably predict to use Blade’s iconic sword, plus various firearms and other vampire-slaying tools, but until gameplay is officially shown, it is pure speculation.


Blade's belt with guns and grenades.
Arkane Studios

Blade has no release date, so we will need to wait before we can sink our teeth into any pre-order details.

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