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Halo Infinite speedrunners are already beating the game in 30 minutes

Halo Infinite’s campaign was just released last month, but speedrunners are already boasting finishing times of 30 minutes and under. That’s all thanks to Master Chief being able to do whatever a spider can with his new grappling hook ability and a huge skip that can be accomplished via an unintentional Pelican ride.

[WR] Halo Infinite Any% Speedrun in 29:49

Ever since the campaign launched, the dedicated Halo speedrunning group HaloRuns began chasing record completion speeds, as it has with the series’ previous entries. This led to wild glitches and tricks being found within the first month of the game being in the hands of players.

While the grappling hook gives speedrunners an extra tool to zoom from place to place as it increases the Chief’s momentum and transforms him into a bulky Spider-Man, it has also opened the door to some game-breaking glitches. By using the grapple pound with the hook (which is done by grappling an enemy and holding melee), speedrunners found that they can clip through walls when done at the right spot.

This Trick Changed Halo Infinite Speedruns Forever

The grappling hook can also be used to despawn bosses and go through certain objects, which opens the door to completely skipping entire levels and level sections such as the boss battle with Escharum. The trick to this is similar to other similar speedrunning tactics where the player can break through invisible barriers and walls and must touch certain progress points to move on.

Speedrunners Broke Halo Infinite even more

There is also a very tedious skip that gives players access to a Pelican that can be used to fly into a “teleporting point” that skips from the beginning of the game to the final section, which consists of a lot of Jackal bullying. This tactic hasn’t been used in many speedruns as of yet.

With the game being so new, it’s clear that there are going to be even more game-breaking tricks for speeding through Halo Infinite‘s linear campaign in no time. Hopefully, whatever is to come next is just as entertaining to watch as the current tools.

Make sure to check out our tips for enabling the best settings in Halo Infinite.

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