Halo: Out With A Whimper gives franchise a 2-D makeover

halo out with a whimper gives franchise 2 d makeoverThere’s no shortage of fan-made Halo projects out there — everything from movies to costumes — but one that’s received a lot of attention over the past year or so is the indie game Halo: Out With A Whimper.

In development since 2010, Out With A Whimper is a 2-D, side-scrolling shooter set “during the waning days of the Human-Covenant war” that promises to offer a lot more than the average retro-reinvention. The game’s developer, TriBlox Studios, has indicated that Out With A Whimper will feature an original, “story-driven campaign” and a variety of play modes and customization options.

The latest update on the game’s development included the debut of the box art for Out With A Whimper, and some information about how the various classes of characters — playable and otherwise — are being programmed to handle weapons and other in-game abilities.

TriBlox Studios is hoping to have a playable version of the game available this winter, but until that happens, you can check out a brief preview of the game below:

Halo: OWaW – Sneak Peak 1 – Indie DB