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Here are the Wordle solutions that stumped us the most

Have you been stumped by a particularly hard Wordle solution? Twitter shared new data on the hit game that reveals which Wordle solutions gave its users the most trouble, so you don’t have to feel alone anymore.

Wordle guess distribution chart.
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Wordle is a word game where players are tasked with figuring out a five-letter word each day. The game gives them different hints, showing what letters belong in the word of the day and if they’re in the wrong or right spot. Since players can upload their scores and guessing process on social media like Twitter, it’s easy for sites to collect data on the daily scores, even with it being mentioned in over 32 million tweets by 3.3 million people since its October release.

According to Twitter’s data, these five words resulted in the biggest losses.

  • SWILL: 2/19/2022
  • FERRY: 12/27/2021
  • FORGO: 5/1/2022
  • FEWER: 4/3/2022
  • LOWLY: 3/31/2022

On the flip side, these were the words that twitter users had the easiest time solving.

  • PLANT: 4/22/2022
  • STAIR: 4/9/2022
  • TRASH; 4/29/2022
  • POINT; 1/19/2022
  • THORN; 2/22/2022

It’s evident that the bane of many Wordle users’ existences is repeated-letter words. A graph from Twitter’s blog showing average number guesses per solution reveals that the hardest Wordles end up in the 4.7 range. The easiest Wordles take around 3.3 guesses to solve for comparison.

Twitter’s collected data also shows that most Wordle players stay up and catch their new word puzzles at midnight instead of waiting to check them after a night of sleep. It’ also shown that scores posted between 6 a.m. and 9 a.m. locally are the lowest. However, average scores shared at different times do not vary much according to the data.

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