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‘Hitman 2’ will include enhanced versions of all of the previous game’s missions

HITMAN 2 – World of Assassination Reveal

Hitman 2 developer IO Interactive is very excited about its upcoming stealth game, but the studio doesn’t want players to forget about 2016’s Hitman. Featuring several open-ended assassination missions, the game was a huge return to form for the series, and those who purchase the sequel will have the option to experience it all over again.

IO Interactive announced on the game’s official Twitter page that the missions included in Hitman will be playable within Hitman 2, and they’ll be updated with all the enhancements and features being added for the sequel.

“Everything from Season 1 onward will now live under one ever-expanding roof,” IO Interactive added in its “World of Assassination” trailer.

It’s a release model that sounds similar to what original publisher Square Enix did with 2016’s game, adding additional content over time instead of releasing it all upfront. However, Hitman 2 won’t be an episodic game, as IO will launch all episodes at the same time. By offering the episodes from the original game, though, Hitman 2 should give players even more opportunities for live events and special assassinations, going beyond the basic requirements of each map’s primary missions.

The first game’s missions will be free in Hitman 2 to anyone who owned it already, but IO Interactive hasn’t specified the price for other players. As the game is scheduled to launch in just a few months, we expect to hear more details shortly.

Hitman 2 introduces six new maps, including a racetrack in Miami, and it builds on the improvisational assassination gameplay of its predecessor. It’s the only game series that allows you to kill targets before dissolving them in a vat of acid, all while dressed like you’re Walter White from Breaking Bad — and the best moments tend to come when you’re forced to think on your feet. With a sniping-focused mode included in the game as well, you’ll have even more ways to take out your multitude of targets.

Hitman 2 releases for Xbox One, PlayStation 4, and PC on November 13. Multiple special editions are available, including bundles with a gun case, rubber duck, and bullet key ring, as well as plenty of digital content.

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