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How to unlock the secret ending in Hitman 3

Hitman 3 is full of secrets. The game has plenty of hidden features and storylines that players can explore and find all over the world. With the final installment of the game, IO Interactive wanted to ensure that players could get as many stealth and secrets as possible in the game. This includes an awesome secret ending.

With this ending, you’ll not only get new information, but you’ll also get the A New Father feat for completing it. It’s good to play the game through normally, but it’s definitely worth circling back to the secret ending to check it out. If you’re interested in finding out what happens during the secret ending, you’ve come to the right place!

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Unlocking the secret ending in Hitman 3

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Unlocking the secret ending to Hitman 3 is actually pretty easy — it just requires a tiny bit of patience on your part. We’re encouraging you to do a straight playthrough of the game, then circle back to the secret ending. However, you can play as you want. Additionally, this article has a few spoilers about the secret ending, so be careful how quickly you read.

By the end of Hitman 3, you’ll find yourself circling Romania on a Providence train. Your target is the Constant, along with anyone on the train. Literally anyone on board that train is a viable target. That actually makes this level extremely fun because you can execute absolutely anyone without consequence. Regardless of whether or not you decide to murk everyone, you’ll eventually find yourself reaching the Constant, who will calmly accept his fate. But he will make you an offer, though. Just like previous Providence assassins, you’ll be offered to use the serum again and “surrender to your true nature.”

Agent 47 will initially reject the offer, and the game will leave you watching the Constant at a mirror with a plethora of options to kill him with. There will be a gun, fiber wire, and an ax at your disposal to take out the Constant. You can also use the serum to wipe the Constant’s memory, which is definitely a fun choice. But to get the secret ending, simply wait a minute. Seriously, just wait 60 to 70 seconds. This will trigger the secret ending. After about 60 seconds, the Constant will start talking again, and you’ll get the option to inject yourself again. Selecting this option will start the secret ending.

For those who want to see the secret ending themselves, stop reading here. But if anyone is interested in what the ending is, we do have some spoilers coming up about it.

If you do choose to inject yourself the second time it’s offered, 47 will pass out. Once you wake up, you’ll be somewhere very familiar to all Hitman fans. Welcome to a padded cell with a barred door. The constant will come and say some words to you, which sound just like the starting lines of the original game: “Wake up, my friend. It’s the dawn of a new day, and you have things to do.”

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