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The Elusive Targets of ‘Hitman’ will return for an encore performance

Elusive Target
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Elusive Targets, one of the most appealing (and annoying, to some) features of the latest Hitman game, are making a second appearance over the next several months. During the episodic release of Hitman in 2016, 26 Elusive Targets were available for a one-time kill opportunity during a limited window. If you died during the attempt, or even once you’ve killed your target, there was no second chance.

With the release of the Game of the Year Edition earlier this month, IO Interactive has also announced the return of the elusives, starting with the Forger on Friday. He’ll be available in Paris for 10 days. If you missed your opportunity the first time around, or you’re new to the game, this is your chance. However, if you’ve already tried and failed (or succeeded, for that matter) then you don’t get the chance to try again.

There’s been no schedule for upcoming elusives announced, but one of the favorites will surely be Gary Busey, who won an online “Choose Your Hit” contest against Gary Cole to appear as an addled action star diva who wanders the streets of Sapienza rather than fulfill his obligation to appear in a commercial. You can keep abreast of upcoming targets by downloading the Hitman Companion app for Android or iOS, or by following Hitman on Twitter.

The elusive targets were somewhat controversial when they were first released, as many players accidentally died and then found themselves unable to retry the contract. As developer Torben Ellert explained to PCGamesN back in 2016, the elusive contracts were sort of slapped together and wouldn’t necessarily be appropriate for the extensive replayability that Hitman players expect. “Being able to replay them, they wouldn’t necessarily stand up,” he said. “So we make compromises to keep a production cadence based on the aspiration that I would rather have a few more memorable targets and live with some wonkiness.”

Elusive Target
Image used with permission by copyright holder

Completing elusive targets contributes towards suit unlocks, with the most desirable being the signature suit with gloves (13 completed elusives) and the winter suit with gloves (5 elusives with a Silent Assassin rating).

The release of the Game of the Year edition follows a messy breakup between the studio and Square-Enix. IO Interactive retained the rights to Agent 47 it’s promised that a second season is on the way, although we don’t know when. A new TV series from Hulu based on the Hitman franchise is also in the works.

The Elusive Target missions are surprisingly tense little episodes, and although you can retry anytime as long as you haven’t died (or killed the target), you’ll still find yourself creeping around the map with an extra dose of trepidation. The target(s) don’t show up on your mini-map or with your Hitman vision. The Forger is out there now, and he’s got an appointment with your silenced Silverballer.

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