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Horizon Forbidden West: All War Totem locations

Aloy is no stranger to picking up all sorts of random junk in Horizon Forbidden West. Whether it’s sticks and rocks for crafting, or ancient relics from the world prior to the robotic uprising, you’ll be stopping every couple of steps to grab something in the massive open world. Collectibles are essentially mandatory for open-world games, and the Horizon series continues to hide a bunch of these secret trinkets across the map in the sequel, but with far more variety and types this time around.

Right alongside collectibles, Easter eggs are another common features developers like to tuck away in hidden corners of their open worlds. Sony’s first-party studios have lately been using Easter eggs as a way to give a friendly nod to their sibling studios, such as Ratchet and Clank: Rift Apart featuring Jak and Daxter and Sly Cooper through a secret weapon. Horizon Forbidden West is the latest major first-party release and has made a few references to another major franchise in the form of three collectible War Totem Easter egg items.

There will be very minor spoilers here for what each War Totem is, and obviously where to find them, but they have no bearing on the actual story or plot of Horizon Forbidden West itself. Also, unlike every other collectible in the game, War Totems are not marked on your map for you, but still unlock a unique reward for finding them all, which we will also share.

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First War Totem location

A map of a watery area.
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The first War Totem we will collect is called Totems of Brotherhood. This is the first one you will be able to find in Horizon Forbidden West and is in No Man’s Land. By heading to the southwest end of the Jagged Deep area, you will want to find the little land bridge leading to a small rocky protrusion. There will be a fallen machine here to mark the spot you’re looking for. Aloy will comment that she should take a closer look, and comment about the hammer stuck in its head. You can get a couple of different lines here referencing the hammer as being Mjolnir from Norse mythology but use your Focus to highlight a trail leading across the water. Follow it around the side of the little cliff to a small shrine with the Totems of Brotherhood inside.

These are clear depictions of the two dwarven brothers from God of War that help Kratos upgrade his weapons and gear.

Second War Totem location

A map of some snowy mountains.
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Next up we’re tracking down the Totem of War. You could probably guess who this totem will depict, but either way, here’s where you need to go to track it down.

Starting from the Cliffwatch settlement, follow the road to the southeast of The Greenhouse location that winds up a steep path into the mountains. Take all the switchbacks up to a tree with a suspicious ax stuck in a tree trunk. Again, Aloy will mutter about it to tip you off. Power up your Focus to find the trail yet again and follow it up a nearby climbable cliff to the top. Continue forward, sneaking by some perched machines above, and around to a wooden cabin. The roof extends off to the left, sheltering the Totem of War.

Aloy rightly identifies it as “some kind of war God,” obviously Kratos from the ax and tattoos.

Third War Totem location

A map of a beach by the water.
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Our final War Totem is another obvious one, especially if you picked up the trend, and is called the Totem of Youth. You can’t reach this one until you hit the Isle of Spires. Once there, you will need to get to the far west coast, somewhat near the stomping grounds for Snapmaws. Once on the beach, look for a pair of palm trees, one large and the other short, with a bunch of arrows lodged in them. Curious, Aloy will want to take a closer look. Fire up your Focus one more time here to find some tracks leading deeper into the island. It’s a simple trek through the trees to a rusted-out bridge. Balancing on the railing is this final War Totem.

With Atreus rounding out your collection, you have gathered the entire crew from the massive God of War game, which is getting its own sequel sometime in the future.

War Totem reward

Aloy wearing god of war paint.
Image used with permission by copyright holder

Aside from some cool little carvings of these beloved characters, you also unlock something for Aloy to use in Horizon Forbidden West after collecting the entire set. It’s not much, but you earn the Mark of War Face Paint, meant to recreate Kratos’ iconic look. Aloy’s face will be powdered white, with the striking red line crossing over her left eye just like the God of war himself.

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