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How to celebrate in Madden 22: Touchdown dance guide

Everyone likes a good celebration in sports. While the NFL is cracking down on excessive celebration and taunting, the video game world is wide open. Feel free to taunt, celebrate, and showboat all you want in Madden 22. There are a few tricks of the trade and specific times when celebrating is warranted. So, how do you celebrate in Madden 22, and how do you do different celebrations?

Big-play celebrations in Madden 22

The celebration wheel pop-up after a big play in Madden 22.

The celebration prompt will pop up whenever you make a big play on-field. These include interceptions, fumbles, sacks, big catches, third-down conversions, and touchdowns. To celebrate in Madden 22, wait for the prompt to pop up, and press the right stick in the indicated direction. You can opt to do nothing and let the timer run out.

Madden 22 celebrations vary depending on the offense, defense, and situation. Here are all the celebrations in Madden 22:

  • Swagger
  • Signature
  • Flex
  • Dance
  • Team
  • Spike
  • First-Down

Showboating in Madden 22

Other than the triggered celebrations, you can also showboat your way into the end zone in Madden 22. Hold L2 + R2 + X (PlayStation) or LT + RT + A (Xbox) to showboat when running in the open field. Showboating will slow you down and leave you prone to fumbling if you get hit. Make sure you’re only gloating in the open field when there’s a 0% chance of being tackled.

Finally, you can do a celebration dive into the end zone by holding the Dive button right before you cross the goal line. Knowing how and when to dive is an essential strategy, but a celebration dive is one of the best feelings in the game. Do not risk a celebration dive if there are defenders nearby. You’ll run the risk of fumbling in or through the end zone, which may result in a costly turnover or touchback.

Do celebrations do anything?

No, celebrating in Madden 22 doesn’t affect the game in any way. Sure, it’s enough to make you rage-quit when someone salsa dances after scoring against you on a pick-6, but it doesn’t boost their momentum or stats in any way.

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