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Is Madden 22 coming to mobile? Everything we know so far

The Madden franchise is so infectious that new and returning fans are looking to play whenever they want and wherever they are. You can’t bring your PlayStation 5 or Xbox Series X with you everywhere you go. So, can you play Madden 22 on your mobile device? Yes! Madden 22 was released for free on the Apple Store and Google Play on August 20, 2021, right alongside the game’s console release.

What is Madden 22 Mobile?

Thee title screen for Madden 22 Mobile.
Image used with permission by copyright holder

Front and center on the Madden 22 Mobile cover and loading screens are quarterbacks Tom Brady and Patrick Mahomes. Players can now take their gridirons on the go with plenty of features included in the console game. Unlike the console version of Madden 22, which focuses heavily on the new and improved Franchise Mode, Madden 22 Mobile dives right into Ultimate Team.

From the start, Madden 22 Mobile takes players through the basics of Ultimate Team, teaching them everything from rushing basics to passing mechanics. Remember, at the end of the day, this is a mobile game. While you’re getting a good Madden experience for what it is, it pales in comparison to Madden 22 on current-gen consoles.

Madden 22 Mobile game modes

There are two available game modes to play in Madden 22 Mobile. They are Madden Ultimate Team and Seasons. Let’s dive into the basics of each and how to get started.

Madden 22 Mobile Ultimate Team

Madden 22 Mobile’s intro to Ultimate Team runs you through a handful of drills to get you accustomed to the game’s running and throwing mechanics. You’ll call offensive plays as you would on the console version. However, you can’t change plays or hot route receivers. You’ll also learn the basics of defensive schemes. Finally, you’ll learn how to kick field goals, extra points, punts, and kickoffs. Do so by quickly sliding your finger up the right side of your screen when kicking the ball. The faster you slide your finger, the harder you’ll kick the ball.

Otherwise, Ultimate Team in Madden 22 Mobile plays like the console version. You’ll upgrade your roster by completing challenges and opening packs. The store also features special offers on packs and in-game currency called Madden Cash. Of course, you can opt to spend real money on Madden Cash by pressing the green money icon at the top of the screen.

You also can earn in-game currency by completing daily goals. In the bottom right of your screen, press on Daily Goals. Here, you’ll see all your goals on display along with your current progression towards them. The Madden 22 Mobile UI is very user-friendly. Highlighting a goal and pressing Go will take you where you need to be to complete that challenge.

However, the most important thing new players can do is play through the Journeys: Genesis challenge list. Think of this as the campaign mode for Madden 22 Mobile Ultimate Team. More in-game content and challenges will become available once you’ve made it through the first few stages. You’ll also learn the basics of offense, defense, special teams, and ball carrier controls.

Finally, the Training Center is where you’ll head to earn more coins, Training Points and Stamina. Unfortunately, you can’t spend all day re-running challenges to level yourself up. You have a limited amount of Stamina, and each challenge costs a certain amount of Stamina to play. Every 11 hours, the game will reward you with a free dose of Stamina. Alternatively, you can watch a pair of ads once per day for 150 bonus stamina.

Madden 22 Mobile Seasons

If Ultimate Team isn’t your thing, you can jump into the coach’s chair with Madden 22 Mobile Seasons. There are four different modes within Seasons you can play.

  • 2021 NFL Season: Choose your favorite team and play through their 2021 NFL Schedule. One-and-a-half-minute quarters and full management decisions.
  • Classic: You’ll only play the games and won’t have any management decisions to make. Your schedule also is randomly generated. Three-minute quarters (Play 32 Season games to unlock.)
  • Short Game Season: 45-second quarters with full management decisions and randomly generated schedules (Play 48 Season games to unlock.)
  • Full Season: One-and-a-half-minute quarters with full management decisions and a randomly generated schedule (Play 16 Season games to unlock.)

You can set your lineup, manage your salary cap, and decide on your play style in Seasons. You can check the War Room, accessible by pressing the View All button in the bottom left of the screen. Here, you’ll see all your injured players and your primary goal for the season.

Is Madden 22 Mobile free?

A Ravens playere running with thee football in Madden 22.
Image used with permission by copyright holder

Madden 22 Mobile is free to download from the Apple Store and Google Play. However, the game does feature in-app purchases. You also can opt to watch ads to earn Stamina rather than paying for it. You can purchase everything, from packs to bundles, with Madden Cash. While grinding for Madden Cash will take a while, you can buy more from the shop in bulk quantities.

Whether you spend money on the game is up to you. A price of $4.99 will afford you 500 Madden Cash, which you could spend on a single Madden Pack for the chance at better players. That, or spend $4.99 on the Starter Special Pack, rewarding you with:

  • 200 Madden Cash
  • One rare (80+ OVR) and one uncommon player (70+ OVR)
  • One Madden Pack and one Pro Pack
  • 5,000 coins
  • 200 Training Points
  • 200 Stamina

Similar to The Witcher: Monster Slayer’s Starter Pack, you can think of this as a $5 investment for a game you might be playing for a long time. However, this is a decision you’ve got to make rather quickly. You’ll only have 24 hours from the time you first download the game to buy the pack.

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