How to cheat in Words With Friends (you monster)

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Cheating at a game you play for fun kind of defeats the purpose of playing it, but sometimes when you’re playing those games you just get caught in a jam. Maybe you’re tired, or maybe you just got caught with a crappy set of letters. We’re here to help you not lose at the infamous Word With Friends in case anything gets in the way of you maintaining your legendary dominance. There are a few ways to go about it: websites, apps, or hanging out with an English professor. Okay, so there are two realistic ways. 

And if you use these cheats when you’re playing us, we will find you. 


Lexical Word Finder

Leixcal Word Finder

This website is simple, but works well. Basically, you enter the letters available and the website shows you the best word, along with a list of high scoring alternatives. The first word picked and the alternative words all have their point values displayed next to them. The downside of this is that it doesn’t help you if you’re working off of an existing word on the board. Sure, you could add that letter to the “Tiles at hand” box, except it limits you to seven letters in that box. Either only use six tiles and add the existing tile as the seventh or try something else, like the next cheat service on this list. 

Scrabble Finder

scrabble finder

You can type up to 10 letters with Scrabble Finder. Not only that, you can click the word options and find out the definition, just in case you’re worried that the word presented is not a real word. Clicking the link to the word will tell you what the word is worth in Scrabble and Word With Friends. Since you can type up to 10 letters, you can include whatever letters are available from the board that you’re considering using. 

Word With Friends Cheat

words with friends cheat

Words With Friends Cheat is similar to Scrabble Finder, except it allows a limitless number of letters and display point totals for Words with Friends, but not the equivalent value in Scrabble. You can see a list of words that include your letters ordered from most to least points. You can also use a period to signify a blank tile and expand the word options even further. This can be used strategically by entering your tiles as well as a period as a spacer to see what words could be created with other letters, and see if those letters are available on the board. Did you know that “zarf” is a word? It’s something you use to hold a coffee cup that doesn’t have a handle.  

Word Plays

Word Plays

Word Plays is best for those who want the most points possible and don’t mind putting in some extra effort in their cheating ways. It lets you lay out the board exactly as it appears in your actual game and shows you a clear view of the best plays available. There’s more. Word Plays has a table on the left that shows how many of each tile is left. Are you curious how many E’s there are going to be? Now you’ll know. You could almost do a “card counting” kind of thing to figure out how likely it is you’ll pull an E soon. Word Plays features point values and board layouts for Words with Friends, Scrabble, French Scrabble, Word Feud, and more.

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