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How to fast travel Red Dead Redemption 2

In Red Dead Redemption 2, you’ll likely find enjoyment in exploring the massive world it has to offer. After all, part of the fun is stumbling across little experiences that you’d miss if you were zipping around the map through fast travel menus. However, you are able to skip much of the exploration if you want by fast traveling — but you’ll need to make a few preparations before you’re able to do so. The game doesn’t explain much about this feature, though, since it wants you to enjoy everything in a slow and methodical way.

This guide will walk you through what you need to know about fast traveling in the single-player component of RDR2.

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Fast traveling from your camp

There are two methods of fast traveling in RDR2. The first method of fast travel can be unlocked after Chapter 2. You’ll need to play through the main story missions and complete Money Lending and Other Sins. At this point, you’ll unlock the Ledger at your camp, which allows you to purchase items and upgrades to enhance the lives of Arthur and his fellow campers. At this point, make sure you purchase Dutch’s tent (First Things First) for $220, followed by Arthur’s wagon (Next in Line) for $325.

After this, you’ll find a map on the side of Arthur’s tent, allowing you to select various locations across the map to fast travel to. Doing so will result in Arthur taking a stagecoach to the locations around the map. The nice thing is that it’s free and your horse will come with you, making this a convenient and effective method to get around easily. You’ll need to have visited the area you want to fast travel to before it’ll appear as an option on the map.

Fast traveling from town to town

The other way to fast travel involves taking a stagecoach from town to town. This method is similar to traveling from your camp, only it isn’t free. To use this method, approach one of the Stagecoach locations on your map — indicated by a signpost found in the main towns. When you approach, it’ll list all the locations you’ve visited, with various prices for each, depending on distance. After making a selection, you’ll get a short cut scene of the stagecoach taking off and arriving at your new destination. You can’t continuously fast travel using this method since there’s a short cool-down after you arrive at your destination. Sleep in a hotel to get the stagecoach to appear again if it’s giving you trouble.

There is no way to fast travel without using one of the two methods, meaning if you’re out in the wilderness, you’ll need to ride your horse or walk to the nearest fast-travel location. The game is designed to encourage you to explore, so you’ll want to fill in the map first before making good use of this feature. Once you’ve gone to all the locations on the map, you’ll likely be in the post-game section past the ending credits, so fast traveling will be a lot more essential at that point.

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