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How to make a bed in Terraria

While there’s so much you need to accomplish after first jumping into Terraria, one of the most important tools you need to craft first is a bed. Not only does it provide a boost in health generation, but you can pass the time faster while sleeping. More importantly, it creates a spawn point.

This guide shows you how to make a bed using wood. But the process takes time. Not only do you need to gather resources — one of which can be extremely time-consuming — but you need to build five crafting stations in a specific order. Only then can you finally build a basic bed.

At the end of this guide, we list all the different beds you can make, the ingredients you need, and their required crafting station.

What you need

Here are your basic ingredients. You’ll either use them as is or smelted in the furnace to create another ingredient. Each part of this guide will tell you exactly how much you need.

General ingredients:

  • Wood
  • Cobwebs
  • Iron ore
  • Stone blocks
  • Gel

Crafting stations (in order):

  • Work Bench
  • Furnace
  • Anvil
  • Sawmill
  • Loom

Note: If you don’t have the ingredients needed to create an item, you won’t see it shown in the Crafting Menu until you do.

A note about cobwebs

Terraria Gather Cobwebs

Cobwebs will be your hardest ingredients to find. They’re located deep down in caves, spider caves, tunnels, and underground rooms and mines. We found this batch in an underground room, which wasn’t much. We didn’t stumble across a motherlode until we dug deep, deep underground, and dropped into a cavern loaded with cobwebs.

How to open the Crafting Menu

The Crafting Menu is part of the Inventory interface. To open it, press the following key or button:

  • PC — ESC key
  • Xbox One — Y button
  • PlayStation 4 — Triangle button
  • Nintendo Switch — X button/double-tap Hotbar (touchscreen)
  • Mobile — Double-tap Hotbar

Part 1: Create a Work Bench

Terraria Make Workbench

First, you need this item to craft most everything else required to build your bed. The screenshot above shows that Bird Head simply placed it on the ground and then started building a house around it.


  • 10 wood — Chop down the local trees with your axe!

Step 1: Open your Inventory and Crafting Menu.

Step 2: Select the Work Bench in the Crafting Menu.

Step 2: Place your Work Bench anywhere.

Part 2: Create a torch

Terraria Make Torch

You’ll need this item to explore caves and create your next crafting station, the Furnace.


  • 1 gel — You can collect these from fallen Slimes.
  • 1 wood — Any piece of wood will do.

Step 1: Approach the Work Bench

Step 2: Open your Inventory and Crafting Menu.

Step 3: Scroll through the Crafting Menu until you find the torch.

Step 4: Drag the resulting three torches into your inventory.

Part 3: Create a Furnace

Terraria Make Furnace

You’ll need this crafting station, shown to the left of Bird Head, to smelt iron ore and create the anvil.


  • 20 stone blocks — Mine these in caves and tunnels.
  • 4 wood — Any piece of wood will do.
  • 3 torches — See above on how to craft a torch.

Step 1: Approach the Work Bench.

Step 2: Open your Inventory and Crafting Menu.

Step 3: Select the Furnace in the Crafting Menu.

Step 4: Place your Furnace anywhere.

Part 4: Create an anvil

Terraria Make Anvil

You need this crafting station, shown to the right of Bird Head, to create chains, which is one of the ingredients to create a Sawmill.


  • 15 iron ore — Mine this in a cave or tunnel system. You need these to make five iron bars.

Step 1: Approach the Furnace.

Step 2: Open your Inventory and Crafting Menu.

Step 3: Select the iron bar in the Crafting Menu and drag it into your inventory.

Step 4: Repeat these steps until you have five iron bars.

Step 4: The anvil is now available. Select it and place it on the ground.

Part 5: Create a Sawmill

Terraria make a sawmill

Finally. We’re getting closer to our bed. The Sawmill, shown to the right of Bird Head, will be the crafting table we use to make the bed once we craft silk.


  • 10 wood — Any wood will do.
  • Two iron bars or two lead bars — Create using six iron ore or six lead ore smelted in the Furnace.
  • One chain — Made from one iron bar or one lead bar on an anvil.

Step 1: Approach the Work Bench.

Step 2: Open your Inventory and Crafting Menu.

Step 3: Select the Sawmill in the Crafting Menu.

Step 4: Place your Sawmill anywhere.

Part 6: Create a Loom

Terraria make Loom

Shown to the left of Bird Head, the Loom is your last crafting station of the day. Really. We promise.


  • 12 wood — Any wood will do!

Step 1: Approach the Sawmill.

Step 2: Open your Inventory and Crafting Menu.

Step 3: Select the Loom in the Crafting Menu

Step 4: Place your Loom anywhere.

Part 7: Create silk

Terraria Create Silk

Time to make your silk sheets!


  • 35 cobwebs — Again, you need to search hard for these in caves, tunnels, and hidden rooms.

Step 1: Approach the Loom.

Step 2: Open your Inventory and Crafting Menu.

Step 3: Select the silk material in the Crafting Menu

Step 4: Drag the silk into your inventory.

Step 5: Repeat these steps four more times to craft all five silks.

Part 8: Create your bed

Terraria Create Bed

Finally! Now you can move on to craft a basic bed!

If you’re aiming to create something unusual, like a Bone Bed, we provide information at the end listing each bed and their main ingredient. Simply replace the wood for the main ingredient — you’ll still need the five silk.


  • 5 silk — Crafted on the Loom.
  • 15 wood — Any wood will do.

Step 1: Approach the Sawmill.

Step 2: Open your Inventory and Crafting Menu.

Step 3: Select the bed in the Crafting Menu

Step 4: Place your bed anywhere.

Bed types – Sawmill only

Terraria Mushroom Bed

All bed types listed below use the Sawmill and require five silk each in addition to the main ingredient. Shown above is the Mushroom Bed in our mushroom house we created just for our little blue guy, Bird Head.

Bed Main Ingredient
Bamboo Bed 15 Bamboo
Boreal Wood Bed 15 Boreal Wood
Cactus Bed 15 Cactus
Crystal Bed 15 Crystal Block
Dynasty Bed 15 Dynasty Wood
Ebonwood Bed 15 Ebonwood
Granite Bed 15 Smooth Granite Block
Marble Bed 15 Smooth Marble Block
Martian Bed 15 Martian Conduit Plating
Meteorite Bed 15 Meteorite Brick
Mushroom Bed 15 Glowing Mushroom
Palm Wood Bed 15 Palm Wood
Pearlwood Bed 15 Pearlwood
Pumpkin Bed 15 Pumpkin
Rich Mahogany Bed 15 Rich Mahogany
Sandstone Bed 15 Smooth Sandstone
Shadewood Bed 15 Shadewood
Spider Bed 15 Spider Nest Block
Spooky Bed 15 Spooky Wood

Bed types – Crafting Table only

Although you can craft these beds in the Sawmill, this method is only available on console and mobile.

Type Main Ingredient
Cactus Bed 15 Cactus
Honey Bed 15 Crispy Honey Blocks
Pumpkin Bed 15 Pumpkin
Spooky Bed 15 Spooky Wood

Bed types  – other crafting stations

There are other bed types you can create, but they require different crafting stations not presented in this guide. Shown above is the Living Wood Bed we created using the Living Loom crafting station we found while making this guide.

Type Main Ingredient Station
Nebula Bed 15 Nebula Brick Ancient Manipulator
Solar Bed 15 Solar Brick Ancient Manipulator
Stardust Bed 15 Stardust Brick Ancient Manipulator
Vortex Bed 15 Vortex Brick Ancient Manipulator
Bone Bed 15 Bone Bone Welder
Lesion Bed 15 Lesion Block Decay Chamber
Flesh Bed 15 Flesh Block Flesh Cloning Vat
Glass Bed 15 Glass Glass Kiln
Honey Bed 15 Honey Block Honey Dispenser
Frozen Bed 15 Ice Block Ice Machine
Lihzahrd Bed 15 Lihzahrd Block Lihzahrd Furnace
Living Wood Bed 15 Wood Living Loom
Skyware Bed 15 Sunplate Block Sky Mill
Slime Bed 15 Slime Block Solidifier
Steampunk Bed 15 Cog Steampunk Boiler

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