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How to respec your character in Baldur’s Gate 3

how to respec baldurs gate 3 baldur s
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Despite your best intentions when starting out in Baldur's Gate 3, even if you're following a guide, you might realize early on that the class or race you picked just isn't what you thought it would be. This is a long game – potentially hundreds of hours long – so having a character you enjoy playing is very important since you'll be spending so much time with them. But are you forced to restart if you changed your mind a few hours in? Thankfully Larian has offered you a way to respec your character, but it isn't in any menu. In fact, you can easily miss it, so here's how you can unlock the ability to respec your character in Baldur's Gate 3.




30 minutes

What You Need

  • Find Withers in the Dank Crypt

The player asking to respec their skills in Baldur's Gate 3.
Larian Studios

How to respec in Baldur's Gate 3

The respec option is tied to finding a specific NPC hidden in the world. You're able to find them early on, but only if you go out of your way to do so.

Step 1: After the prologue and you wake up on the beach, travel north until you find the Overgrown Ruins.

Step 2: This will add the "Explore the Ruins" quest to your objectives.

Step 3: The door to the ruins is locked, but there are many ways you can get in. Either pick it yourself once you find some Thieves Tools, have a companion do it, convince the man inside to open the door, or drop the object hanging from the crane near the statue to create a hole you can jump through.

Step 4: Once inside, either fight or talk your way out of a battle with some thieves.

Step 5: Pull the lever at the north end to open a secret opening into the Dank Crypt and head inside.

A map of the dank crpyt point out withers' location.
Larian Studios

Step 6: At the far north end is a sarcophagus you can interact with and speak to an undead named Withers.

Step 7: After finishing his dialogue, Withers will appear in your camp.

Step 8: Travel to your camp and speak to Withers and ask to respec your character for 100 gold.

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