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How to ride Loot Sharks and find Loot Shark locations

After several delays, Fortnite Chapter 2: Season 3 is finally here. This time around, the island has been flooded, creating a map that is largely underwater. Season 3 also introduced a new method of transportation — Loot Sharks. Here’s how to ride a shark and quickly get around Fortnite‘s aquatic battlefield.

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Find a fishing rod

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Before you head out to find a Loot Shark, you’ll need to pick up a fishing rod. These are scattered across the map but can usually be found in barrels or chests near large bodies of water. Your best bet is to look for a fishing location — indicated by a white ring in the water that has fish swimming below the surface — as fishing rods are often located near these hotspots.

Be sure to stock up on powerful weapons while searching for a fishing rod, too. The ability to ride Loot Sharks is a popular new activity in Fortnite, meaning you’ll likely see others on the shoreline trying to do the same thing. If you show up with just a fishing rod, you’re an easy target for the 99 other players.

Find a Loot Shark

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Once you’ve found a fishing rod and a few good weapons, it’s time to search for a Loot Shark. They can be found swimming in nearly every body of water on the map, but we recommend searching near The Fortilla, Rickety Rig, or Sweaty Sands. Sharks can usually be found swimming in these areas, and they all have fishing rods nearby.

Loot Sharks are easy to identify, as you can see a dorsal fin poking above the water’s surface. They move fast but tend to stay within casting distance of a fishing rod, so there’s no need to hop on a boat and fish in the middle of the ocean.

When you do find one, approach it with caution! Some sharks will jump out of the water to attack players and can even destroy buildings. Sharks can be killed, but they’ll take a lot of damage before going down.

Catching a Loot Shark is just like catching a fish. Simply equip your fishing rod and cast it in front of your target. It might take a few casts to place your bobber within eyesight of the shark, but there’s no penalty for withdrawing your line and recasting. With any luck, the big fish will take the bait — and bring you along for a ride!

How to ride a Loot Shark

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Now that you’re latched onto a Loot Shark, you’ll have full control of its movement. You’ll be able to jump over obstacles, use turbo-boosts to speed away from enemies, or even shoot back at them by equipping a weapon and zooming in. It might take a few minutes to get used to the controls, but it helps to know that you’re controlling the Loot Shark’s movement and not your main character. Sharks aren’t the best form of transportation in Fortnite — considering you have to give up an inventory slot just to ride one — but it is a fun diversion and one that’s necessary to complete a few new challenges.

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