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How to turn off PS5 controller vibration

how to sync a ps5 controller dualsense
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The PlayStation 5's DualSense controller ranks among the most advanced in the gaming space, with its haptic feedback being a particularly beloved aspect of its feature set. However, if vibration isn't really your cup of tea, or if you'd just like to disable it temporarily for any reason at all, we'll tell you how to turn it off below.




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What You Need

  • DualSense Controller

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How to turn off PS5 controller vibration

When you're ready to turn off your PS5 controller vibration, follow the steps below.

Step 1: Select the Settings gear from the PS5 dashboard.

Step 2: Select Accessories.

Step 3: Select Controller (General).

Step 4: Select Vibration Intensity.

Step 5: Here, you can switch the setting to "Off," or you can choose from various intensities if you'd prefer to simply reduce the amount of vibration the controller provides.

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