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How to unlock the paraglider in Dying Light 2

The paraglider makes navigating the expansive world of Dying Light 2 much more manageable. Aiden can leap from high rooftops and glide his way over the infested streets, using air vents to boost his flight from one end of the city to the other. However, players must wait until halfway through the game before flying around with Rosario Dawson, aka Lawan. So how do you unlock the paraglider in Dying Light 2, and is it worth upgrading?




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how to unlock the paraglider in dying light 2 lawan tutorial
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How to unlock the paraglider in Dying Light 2

The paraglider is a natural unlock in Dying Light 2. You don’t have to do anything special other than play through the main story.

Step 1: Play through the main story in Old Villedor until you come to a mission called Into the Dark.

Step 2: Complete Into the Dark and meet with Hakkon (we won’t spoil anything about this exchange).

Step 3: Locate the sniper and continue the game’s natural progression, thus beginning a new story mission called Let’s Waltz.

Step 4: Complete Let’s Waltz to unlock the central loop and talk to Lawan. She’ll give you a paraglider and teach you the basics of using it.

Paraglider tips and tricks

You’ll completely forget pre-paraglider life once you unlock it. The tall buildings of Villedor’s central loop make for fantastic jumping-off points, and with the right flying skills, Aiden can fly from one end of Villedor to the other.

Using the paraglider consumes stamina, so keeping an eye on your stamina meter is crucial to not plummeting to your death. Upgrade your stamina with GRE Inhibitors to extend flight time. However, you can also regenerate stamina by flying over the air vents scattered around Villedor’s central loop. They’re the vents blowing streams of air into the sky and are impossible to miss. You can’t pass high over one and expect to get a boost, nor do you have to come crashing down on one to use it. As long as you touch the airstream, you’ll get the boost and complete stamina regeneration.

You can also use an air vent as a launch point by standing over it and deploying your paraglider. Launching yourself is a great way to escape nighttime pursuits or navigate around Villedor more efficiently.

The paraglider does take a second to deploy, so you can’t quickly open it to save yourself, like in Call of Duty: Warzone. Furthermore, the paraglider gets a little annoying in conjunction with the Takedown combat skill, as both require you to press the same button while in the air. If the takedown prompt doesn’t appear over an enemy’s head, you’ll end up pulling your paraglider and dropping into a group of enemies like an idiot.

Finally, don’t use the Dash or Dart parkour skills before jumping off a rooftop. Both consume stamina and hurt you more than help you when covering long distances.

how to unlock the paraglider in dying light 2 upgrade
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Paraglider upgrades

You can upgrade the paraglider at the craftmaster in exchange for old-world money and military tech. The paraglider has two upgrades available -- the UV light and grappling hook. We played through most of the game, only upgrading it once for more in-flight control. However, if you’re looking for more paraglider prowess, further upgrades can help.

You’ll find old-world money in cash registers and as general loot (we’re currently sitting on $18,000 we didn’t even know we had). Military tech is more difficult to come by but can be found by opening Military Airdrop containers marked by parachute icons on your compass.

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