‘Injustice 2’: News, rumors, and everything we know

'Injustice 2' adds Raiden and Hellboy to its character roster

Injustice 2, sequel to Mortal Kombat developer NetherRealm’s DC Comics-themed fighter, Injustice: Gods Among Us, is, after much hype, now out in the wild and it’s one of the best fighting games we’ve played in some time. In addition to bringing back all the superhero brawling and villainous scheming we’ve come to expect, Injustice 2 has a fantastic single player campaign and features a new loot-driven customization system.

But just because the game is playable now doesn’t mean there isn’t more to get excited about. While we might have had hours of fists-on time with the superhero brawler, there is still plenty of content coming our way in the future and we’re here to tell you all about it.


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Injustice 2 takes place shortly after the events of Injustice: Gods Among Usand sees the villain formerly known as “dictator” Superman shackled and powerless following his defeat by Batman. Though this evil incarnation of Clark Kent is no longer causing terror, the world is far from peaceful. Villains like Harley Quinn are still wreaking havoc, and Batman seems all but helpless to stop them from killing innocent civilians, while heroes like Supergirl and Wonder Woman are too busy duking it out with each other to fight off the world’s super-criminals.

But like any good “hero versus hero” story, a new threat has emerged that threatens to destroy both sides, and could require a temporary alliance between even the most bitter of enemies. Enter Superman villain Brainiac, who has arrived on Earth to “finish his accumulation of Krypton” after acquiring through conquest what remained elsewhere in the universe. Even with everyone working to stop him, he still believes he can win.


Mixing together a roster of returning characters as well as several newcomers, Injustice 2 includes a diverse cast that should satisfy fans of both DC and fighting games. In addition to their “standard” forms, fighters can also use alternate configurations, changing the Flash to Reverse-Flash, for example, or Supergirl to Power Girl.

Familiar faces


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Harley Quinn

The Flash


Black Adam

Wonder Woman


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Green Lantern



Green Arrow


Black Canary

Robin (Damian Wayne)


Poison Ivy

Blue Beetle


Gorilla Grodd

Captain Cold



Darkseid (pre-order bonus)



Swamp Thing

Doctor Fate

The Joker

Red Hood (DLC, fighter pack 1)

Sub-Zero (DLC, fighter pack 1)

Starfire (DLC, fighter pack 1)

Black Manta (DLC, fighter pack 2)

injustice 2 news rumors characters release date injusticeblackmanta

Raiden (DLC, fighter pack 2)

injustice 2 news rumors characters release date injusticeraiden

Hellboy (DLC, fighter pack 2)

injustice 2 news rumors characters release date injusticehellboy

More DLC on the way

As it stands, NetherRealm has announced six DLC characters. According to IGN, NetherRealm has said there are currently nine total DLC characters in the works. Based on silhouettes seen in the Injustice 2 Fighter Pack 1 trailer, fans believe the remaining roster will include Image Comics antihero Spawn.

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