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Is Zenless Zone Zero cross-platform?

Anby looking at her surroundings in Zenless Zone Zero Hollow

The latest free-to-play RPG from HoYoverse is upon us, but has a vastly different look than Genshin Impact or Honkai: Star Rail. Zenless Zone Zero embraces a more cyberpunk style but is just as action-packed and full of flashy new character designs. Each game has explored multiplayer in new ways, with this latest game allowing players more direct interaction than ever with a complete co-op mode. However, being on PlayStation, mobile, and PC, you never know how cross-platform support will work on such different systems. There’s no reason to not give this game a shot, but do you need to worry about which platform you start on if you want to play with friends or carry over your progress? Here’s the answer.

Does Zenless Zone Zero have cross-platform support?

Yes, Zenless Zone Zero has full cross-platform support. Crossplay will apply to all players on PlayStation, iOS, Android, and PC so you never have to worry about which system you or your friends are on.

Being available on so many platforms, it is also a seamless process to transfer your progress via cross-progression. After you make your account on one platform, you can easily log in on another to continue your fight wherever you are. That’s all as expected for a HoYoverse title, but it’s nice to know it is confirmed for Zenless Zone Zero as well.

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