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It’s a cornucopia of Kirbies in Kirby Mass Attack teaser

All of Nintendo’s attention seems to be focused on the 3DS these days, but that doesn’t mean the company’s forgotten about the system’s 2-D predecessor. In fact, one of Nintendo’s fan-favorite icons has a new game arriving on the system next month, and he’s bringing along a few friends.

We previewed Kirby Mass Attack back in June during E3, when we found it hidden amongst all of Nintendo’s Wii U and 3DS offerings, and now a new teaser for the game has debuted ahead of its arrival on shelves next month.

As we discussed in our E3 hands-on report and you can see in the new footage, Kirby’s upcoming adventure for the Nintendo DS offers a unique spin on the character’s usual side-scrolling adventures. This time around, players can recruit a crowd of Kirbies to their cause, and team up to overcome obstacles and gang up on enemies.

Use of the DS stylus plays heavily into the game’s strategy, with players diagramming the Kirbies’ approach and then launching a full-on Kirby feeding frenzy.

As always, Mass Attack continues the franchise trend of being ridiculously cute at all times, though we’re pretty sure that it also serves as an important lesson about feeding your Kirby after midnight. Don’t do it!

Kirby Mass Attack is scheduled for release September 19.

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