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What we learned from the new ‘Amazing Spider-Man 2’ trailer

learned new amazing spider man 2 trailer
If you haven’t been following the development of The Amazing Spider-Man 2, the trailer might come as something of a shock to you. It is filled with hints regarding the story, so many that a few could almost be called spoilers, even though they are in the trailer. At the very least they introduce new information while confirming things we’d only suspected so far.

The trailer is packed with stuff, so much so that you may not be able to catch it all in one or two viewings. Some of what it shows relates to the plot of the upcoming film, while other scenes hint at the future of the film franchise.

We broke the trailer down, and here are a few of the things we saw, a few things we learned, and a few questions we have. There was a lot to take in, so if we missed anything, let us know in the comments below:

All roads lead to Oscorp


If there was any doubt after the first film, Oscorp is at the heart of all of Spider-Man’s woes. The corporation is the source of several villains – those introduced and those just teased – and, as we learned, Peter Parker’s parents were investigating the company when they disappeared. The introduction of the two Osborn men, Harry and Norman, further confirms that the films will continue to focus on Spidey versus Oscorp and its many projects, and not just the Osborns.

Aunt May knows something

In the original Spider-Man comics, Aunt May was portrayed as a sweet, but doddering old lady. The films portrayed her as a strong woman, as did the Ultimate Comics. Based on the trailer, it looks like she knows more than she is letting on about Peter’s parents.

The Daily Bugle returns, sort of

BugleThe Daily Bugle, the newspaper Peter Parker worked for on and off throughout his comic history, has already been established in the Amazing Spider-Man universe. The paper was reimagined as a media outlet in the first film, with a TV station, newspaper, and even a Tumblr account. So far the Tumblr account has been used for a bit of viral marketing and world building, introducing us to the character of Spencer Smythe (and his son Alistair). Despite that, the organization has only been teased in the films themselves. In the trailer, the only mention of the Bugle is a blink-and-you-miss-it banner hyping the Tumblr page. If the Daily Bugle plays a more prominent role in this story, we have yet to see evidence of it.

Ock and vultureDoc Ock arms and Vulture wings

This may be just an easter egg for fans, or it might foreshadow future Spider-Man films. In the trailer, a mysterious man walks down a hallway, and in the background you can clearly see Doc Ock-like arms, and a suit comic fans will likely recognize as belonging to the Vulture.

Harry is the Goblin


The trailer seems to confirm one of the more surprising aspects of the recently unveiled poster – Harry is the Green Goblin, not his father Norman as the comics always dictated. The trailer also shows what looks like Harry undergoing a transformation. The goblin – assuming that is what he calls himself – looks like a different person, suggesting that Harry is wearing a mask or that the transformation we glimpse alters him.

Hints for the future

In the scene where Harry shows Peter several files on his computer, there are folders containing names that will be familiar to Spider-Man fans – and may hint at the future of the franchise. Most folders are likely nothing more than filler, telling us things like Oscorp has labs in London, Oahu, and Australia. If you look closely though, three names stand out. The first is Ravencroft, prison for the criminally insane in the comics, not unlike Batman’s Arkham Asylum. The second a folder titled “Dr. Morbius,” an obvious nod to the character Morbius, a scientist who becomes a vampire. The third is the most intriguing though; it’s labeled “Venom.”

The Rhino revealed

RhinoThe other day we speculated over the newly released poster for Spidey 2, including whether or not the machine on the left was Rhino. It seemed likely, but the introduction of Spencer Smythe, made that questionable. In the comics, Smythe created a series of robots to attack Spider-Man, a mantle his son later took up. The trailer leaves little doubt that the machine is the Rhino, and it also appears that it is a suit that (presumably) Paul Giamatti wears. Giamatti is seen in the trailer shooting at Spidey, and the Rhino suit closes over what appears to be Giamatti’s bald head at one point (see image to the right). There may be a twist buried in there, but it is likely Giamatti’s Rhino in a metal suit.

Richard Parker knew things

Diverging from the early comics, the series continues to play up the role of Peter Parker’s missing-and-presumed-dead parents. In the clip Peter’s dad confirms that he was investigating Oscorp. This will likely be a major thread throughout all the current Spider-Man films.

No subtitle

This is a minor thing, but the trailer does seem to confirm that The Amazing Spider-Man 2 does not have a subtitle, as many theorized it would.

ElectroThe Ultimate Universe is alive and well on screen

More and more the film seems to resemble Marvel’s Ultimate take on Spider-Man rather than the traditional one – at least in a few key ways that may come up again. Some are minor and even logical things – the character of Electro, for example, is more like the Ultimate version of the character than the garish villain wearing yellow spandex. Norman Osborn also seems to be more in line with the Ultimate version of the character – at least in the sense that he is a ruthless business man rather than a schizophrenic madman. One important connection though may be Richard Parker and Venom. In the Ultimate line, Richard Parker was a scientist involved in an experiment to create a cure for cancer. The result was the Ultimate Comics version of Venom. This could come in to play later.

Who is the man in the trenchcoat and hat?


A shadowy man in a trenchcoat features prominently in the trailer. Judging by his familiarity with the Doc Ock and Vulture gear, he is presumably a bad guy – possibly even the man that appeared in the post-credits scene in the first film that apparently worked for Oscorp. We’ll surely find out more about him later, but he appears to play an important role.

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