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Lego Horizon Adventures not only coming to PS5, but PC and Switch on day one

LEGO Horizon Adventures World Premiere Trailer | Summer Game Fest 2024
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Lego has its next big video game collaboration in Sony’s Horizon series. Sony announced at Summer Game Fest on Friday that it’s developing Lego Horizon Adventures for release later this year, not just for the PlayStation 5, but for PC and the Nintendo Switch as well.

This is looking like a much more lighthearted trailer than Horizon fans might be used to, with series’ heroine Aloy helping out a Lego hotdog man in the trailer. Also, instead of a third-person action game, this is an isometric top-down adventure with some platforming, some combat, and some dancing. Instead of being single-player only, Lego Horizon Adventures will also support two-player couch and online co-op, which is common in other Lego titles.

A post on the PlayStation blog also reveals that you’ll be able to customize Mother’s Heart with Lego buildings and other objects.

This release strategy goes along with Sony’s push onto other platforms. Unlike Horizon Forbidden West, which took around two years to hit PC after its console launch, Lego Horizon Adventures is releasing simultaneously on PC, Nintendo Switch, and PlayStation 5. This is a strategy that did well for Sony with Helldivers 2, and is something it’s trying out with the upcoming Concord. Both these games are multiplayer, and Lego Horizon Adventures is single-player, so it looks like the company is trying something new.

The game was heavily rumored leading up to the showcase, thanks to an initial post from Kurakasis, a leaker who gets a lot of his information from trademark filings. It was claimed to be announced this week by reliable leaker Billbil-kun of Dealabs.

Lego Horizon Adventures is being developed by Guerilla Games, the makers of the mainline series, along with Studio Gobo.

Update: Added information about the game from the PlayStation blog.

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