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What is the Powerpass in Lost Ark?

Reaching Lost Ark‘s endgame isn’t an overnight task. Slogging through its main campaign will take more than a dozen hours — and once you reach it, you’re strongly encouraged to roll another character. If you’re not prepared to run through the same quests you just completed, you’ll be glad to hear about Lost Ark‘s Powerpass.

A Powerpass makes it easy to reach level 50 and get to endgame content on a new character. Here’s how it works.

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What is Lost Ark’s Powerpass?

Lost Ark uses the Powerpass to speed you through the game’s main campaign and get you to level 50. However, it’s not as simple as left-clicking on the Powerpass and watching your level skyrocket. Instead, you’ll be walked through a shortened version of the main campaign — offering you a brief recap of the action and a variety of important quests. This is called the Adventurer’s Path, and it’s only available to characters that have activated a Powerpass.

If you’d like, you can skip the Adventurer’s Path and hit level 50 right away, although it’s recommended to run through the shortened campaign to gain a bunch of unique gear.

How to get a Powerpass in Lost Ark

Crowd on NPCs in Lost Ark.

Unfortunately, there are only a few ways to earn a Powerpass. For now, you’ll need to complete the Ealyn’s Gift quest in North Vern — which is essentially the last quest of the main campaign. A recent update also grants you a second Powerpass after using your first one, giving you a fast way to get three characters to the endgame.

We’re sure Smilegate will offer more ways to earn a Powerpass in the future, but for now, it looks like this is it. Still, the ability to have three endgame characters is nothing to scoff at. Considering the game has 15 playable classes, you’ll need any advantage you can get when it comes to leveling.

How to use a Powerpass in Lost Ark

While acquiring a Powerpass takes a few hours, using one only takes a few seconds. Here’s how it works:

  • On the character selection screen, pick the character you want to use with your Powerpass.
  • Click the Powerpass button underneath your character.
  • You’ll then have the option to tackle the Adventurer’s Path instead of the main campaign and quickly hit level 50.

Not only does completing the Adventurer’s Path grant you a huge boost to level 50, but you’ll also be provided with equipment to help prep you for endgame content. It’s arguably one of the best ways to handle alt characters we’ve seen in the genre, and here’s hoping more Powerpasses are on the way.

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