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Mad Catz Showcases Xbox 360 Product Line Up

Mad Catz Showcases Xbox 360 Product Line Up

Mad Catz Interactive, a maker of peripheral products for various video game platforms, on Monday unveiled their new accessories line up for the Xbox 360. These products include the following, according to a Mad Catz press release:

  • Mad Catz Xbox 360 GamePads – The 360 Game Pad Pro is the most technologically advanced controllers Mad Catz has produced to date. Every aspect of the controller has extensive design, feature and engineering enhancements to optimize gaming performance. The game pads, both PC and Windows compatible, mark the debut of Mad Catz’ unique analog stick design, which has allowed for a slimmer, more ergonomic controller. A MicroCON version of the premium pad and a standard game pad will be available to consumers shortly after the console launch.
  • Mad Catz Xbox 360 NFL Licensed Removable Faceplates – Officially licensed by NFL and Microsoft, Xbox 360 NFL Removable Faceplates let football fans transform their Xbox 360 to showcase their favorite football team.
  • MC2 Racing Wheel for Xbox 360 – Officially licensed by Microsoft for Xbox 360(TM) Systems, MC2 Racing Wheel lets racing game fans wrap their hands around the rumble feedback enabled rubber-grip wheel, extend the retractable leg supports, and drop their foot onto the pedal for some serious, realistic racing action.
  • Mad Catz HeadCom Pro for Xbox 360 – Mad Catz Xbox 360 HeadCom Pro lets the player engage in the fast paced world of online gaming with superb clarity and responsiveness, as well as a slim and sleek, ergonomic design.
  • Mad Catz High Definition Component Cable for Xbox 360 – MC Xbox 360 High Definition Component Cables allow the gamer to experience vibrant surround sound and ultra-realistic high-definition graphics to the fullest extent possible on HDTV.
  • Mad Catz High Definition VGA Cable for Xbox 360 – MC Xbox 360 High Definition VGA cable delivers multi-channel vibrant surround sound and ultra-realistic high-definition images on HDTV, LCD or PC monitors, using high-end RCA cables to deliver razor sharp responsive stereo sound.
  • Mad Catz Digital Audio Cable for Xbox 360 – MC Xbox 360 Digital Audio cable delivers vibrant, crystal clear digital multi-channel surround sound through the optical audio port and Dolby and DTS compatible premium quality fiber optic cables.
  • Mad Catz Standard Definition S-Video & Composite AV Cables for Xbox 360 – MC S-AV Cable lets the gamer choose between traditional composite connection and S-Video connection for improved image quality. Xbox 360 players can enjoy premium quality sound via the RCA stereo connection or the optical audio port for multi-channel digital surround sound.

“In keeping with our goal to create the industry’s highest quality and highest value products, we have developed an extensive line of accessories for Xbox 360,

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