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2K's Mafia III will hit consoles and PCs in October

Mafia III One Way Road Story Trailer
Publisher 2K Games announced that the next entry in its Mafia open-world crime drama series will hit the PlayStation 4, Xbox One, and PCs on October 7th.

Taking place within “a reimagined version of New Orleans” circa 1968, Mafia III puts players on a quest for revenge after the betrayal and murder of the main character’s surrogate family.

Mafia III introduces a true open world, rich with its own criminal ecosystems to the franchise, while still upholding the strong narrative storytelling and immersive setting that the previous Mafia games are known for,” said Haden Blackman, creative director at developer Hangar 13 Games. “New Bordeaux in 1968 provides a unique and powerful backdrop for our hard-boiled story of crime, betrayal, loyalty and revenge.”

2K additionally revealed its plans for a Mafia III Season Pass, which entitles buyers to an array of post-release digital content. In addition to being available for standalone purchase, the Season Pass will be bundled with Mafia III‘s Deluxe Edition at retail, priced at $80.

Series devotees can pick up Mafia III, its Season Pass, and a collection of bonus material as part of the $150 Mafia III Collector’s Edition. Exclusive Collector’s Edition contents include “the original game score on vinyl, a collectable art book, art prints and more.”

Players who pre-order any edition of Mafia III will receive the “Family Kick-Back” digital content pack at launch, which adds three exclusive vehicles and weapons to the base game.

The Mafia series traces its origins back to 2002, when the original Mafia premiered for the PlayStation 2, Xbox, and PC platforms. A sequel, Mafia II, hit the PlayStation 3, Xbox 360, and PCs in 2010.

Mafia III marks the debut of Hangar 13 Games, a studio that publisher 2K assembled in 2014. Project lead Haden Blackman previously worked as a producer and creative director at LucasArts, helming the production of titles like Star Wars: The Force Unleashed and Star Wars Galaxies.

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